Oticon Appoints Thomas Behrens as Head of Audiology and Director of Audiology Research

oticon behrens chief audiology
Thomas Behrens

COPEHAGEN, DENMARK — On November 1, Oticon announced the appointment of Thomas Behrens as the Head of Audiology and Director of Audiology Research at Oticon’s global headquarters in Denmark. He is currently responsible for clinical research, professional communication and definition of the audiology in new products for Oticon. Prior to this, Behrens spent 10 years as Researcher and Project Manager at the Oticon Research Centre, Eriksholm.

According to the company’s press release, Behrens lead the team that invented the algorithm behind the Open Sound Navigator (OSN) system that is used in Oticon’s Opn hearing aids and was instrumental in delivering methods and professional communications for the first BrainHearing launch from Oticon.


“Thomas Behrens has made invaluable contributions to Oticon for two decades. He is adept in BrainHearing™ research with enviable experience and knowledge of how audiology and technology can marry in order to advance hearing solutions. The new role will provide Thomas with an exciting opportunity to develop new research methods in order to strengthen our unprecedented position as an evidence-based hearing health care provider, and to encourage continual audiology innovation to achieve our goal of delivering hearing aid solutions that can make a real difference to people’s lives. We strongly believe that hearing care should be about more than simple sound amplification which is why we dedicate so much resource to the continued study of Cognitive Hearing Science and its effect on health care. Appointing a Chief Audiologist cements our commitment to the application of new, life-changing technologies in our hearing aids to deliver the very best solutions to our hearing aid users so that they can live a fully active and social life.”

–Ole Asboe Jørgensen, President of Oticon Brand, Global