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Phonak’s Newest Custom Hearing Aid Uses 3D Printed Titanium Shell

STAEFA, SWITZERLAND — For years, custom hearing aid shells have traditionally been made using acrylic material, whether made by hand or by 3D printer. However, in an industry-first, Phonak has announced an all-new custom hearing aid that utilizes a 3D printed titanium shell.

Titanium is a strong and lightweight material, 15 times stronger than acrylic, and is used in a number of applications across industries. According to the company, using titanium as a material for building hearing aid shells comes with a number of advantages over the more traditional acrylic material.

Because titanium is so much stronger, it allows for shells that are 50% thinner than typical acrylic shells — as thin as 0.2 mm. 


Phonak Virto B-Titanium Hearing Aids


Due to the thinner shell and smaller electronics, Phonak says that the new Virto B-Titanium devices are approximately 26% smaller than its predecessor. Furthermore, the company says Invisible In the Canal (IIC) hearing aid fit rates have been improved by 64%, when compared to its previous generation of IIC products.


phonak hearing aid comparison
Phonak Titanium vs. Acrylic Hearing Aid Shell Comparison


With the additional space provided by thinner shells and smaller electronic components, they are able to increase vent size in the devices, as well as offer more power in a smaller size.

According to Phonak, the Virto B-Titanium is available in IIC and CIC shell styles.


Source: Phonak


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  1. Not impressed with the follow up on your hearing aids. The small ring that is attached to the hearing aid that the wax filters go on to came off while changing the filter. Not through any fault of my own. I take it into Connect Hearing where I purchased the Phonak and they informed that since it’s no longer under warranty (this I knew) it would cost me $400 dollars to replace this teenie tiniest little Phonak part. $400 freaking dollars. I earn minimum wage. Where the hell am I to get $400 for the Phone part. This part should never never have come off in the first place. Well I work in a parking booth due to needing a low stress job because of health reason so I guess I will have time to write reviews everyday on every site until I finally get bored. I don’t bore easily, just ask my husband. I will be taking pictures of where this part is missing and post them as well. Want to know the funny thing as well, at the hearing place where I purchased it tells me it’s OK, you done really need the filters anyway. If it gets to where you can’t hear anymore just come in and we will suction the ear wax out for you. So now which is it? Are the filters required or not, is there not a risk that the wax may damage the digital works inside? Of course there is, who are they kidding, they just want to have to buy a whole new hearing aid. Now I’m just angry, and rightfully so!

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