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Amazon India Creates Silent Delivery Station, Managed by Deaf Employees

MUMBAI, INDIA — The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, has announced the launch of a so-called ‘Silent Delivery Station’ in Mumbai, India, managed almost entirely by Deaf employees. In collaboration with Mirakle Couriers, Amazon says the move is designed to empower and support diverse communities in the country by creating job opportunities.

According to the announcement, the silent delivery station is part of the “last-mile service partner program of Amazon Logistics, where entrepreneurs act as Amazon India’s local distribution network providers and create the last mile delivery footprint.”

Prior to the full launch of the dedicated silent delivery station, Amazon India conducted a pilot program with four hard-of-hearing associates at one of the company’s existing delivery stations in the country.


“Our vision is to create opportunities for individuals to realize their potential and transform their lives. We are committed to using our resources and infrastructure of innovation and technology to enable diverse communities to succeed. We are proud to have pioneered the ‘Silent Delivery Station’ which is a first-of-its-kind, India-specific innovation from Amazon.” —Akhil Saxena, VP Customer Fulfillment, Amazon India


Individuals at the new Silent Delivery Station will deliver packages within a radius of two to three kilometers. Safety and customer service training is being conducted by the team at Mirakle Couriers using sign language. 

According to Mirakle Couriers CEO Dhruv Lakra, “The idea was basically to radically change how deaf people and people with disabilities are currently employed in a country like India. By partnering with Amazon India, we have set an example for many in the country to support the differently-abled people by providing them with relevant opportunities and improve their livelihood.”

Currently, Amazon has more than 350 service partner stations across the country. The company is expected to continue investing in the country, as it continues to see rapid expansion in the world’s second most-populous nation.


Source: Amazon, TheDrum, Inc42