lucid etymotic merger

Etymotic Research Partnering with Lucid Hearing

Etymotic Research, an audio company with a long and storied history in the hearing healthcare industry, announced this week that they are joining forces with Lucid Hearing.

Lucid Hearing operates 500-plus Hearing Solution Centers throughout the United States, including many within Sam’s Club. Lucid Hearing Centers offer hearing instruments, hearing protection products and consumer earphones.

Etymotic Research, located in suburban Chicago, is a familiar company within the hearing healthcare industry, known for several innovative products, including the K-Amp, 3A Insert Earphones and custom Musician Earplugs. Etymotic’s founder, Mead Killion, has than 100 U.S. patents covering directional microphones, noise-isolating in-ear earphones and Class D amplifiers.


“Over the years, we have learned that much of the success of our best innovations was the result of marketing and sales to much larger companies. Joining with Lucid Hearing and Lucid Audio allows Etymotic to develop products that can reach many more persons who can benefit from Etymotic’s developments.” –Mead Killion


Tim Schnell and Henry Smith founded Hearing Lab Technology, LLC in 2009. The company was formerly known as America Hears, Inc, which was founded in 2001.  “We are enthusiastic about working together,” said Tim Schnell, CEO of Hearing Lab Technology. “This alliance will enable Lucid Hearing and Lucid Audio to fulfill our mission of helping people hear better”, said Henry Smith.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Hearing Lab Technology, LLC designs, develops, and manufactures digital hearing aids. The company provides custom ear hearing aids and a range of other related products. It markets and sells its products through its retail locations and online store. It is based in Bristol, Pennsylvania with a location in Bend, Oregon. It also has a facility in Plymouth, Minnesota.


Source: Etymotic Research, Lucid Hearing