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Marcon and AuDNet Join Forces as AHG

On January 29th AuDNet, Inc. and Marcon Hearing Group announced a merger. Their newly formed corporation will go by the name AUDNET Hearing Group (AHG). In a press release, AHG said it expects to lower the costs of hearing aids and related products as well as provide a variety of concierge business services for their members.

Principles in the newly formed company include audiologist Gregory Frazer, who is the CEO of AHG. Industry veteran Dale Thorstad is president of the organization.  Marcon and AuDNet are two longstanding organizations that provide business support services to hearing care professionals. Marcon was formed in 1977 and AuDNet in 2002. Their merger brings the total membership of AHG to almost 700.  

While Marcon has been primarily a hearing instrument specialist-driven organization (and the industry’s oldest buying group), AuDNet is known as leaders in advancing the cause for independent doctoral level audiologists as business owners. Their merger, ostensibly, brings together two disparate organizations.

In a statement to HHTM, AUDNET group management said,


“As our industry has evolved, so too has our group purchasing management perspective.  We believe that like-minded professionals who seek to foster a visible business model that is focused on delivering outstanding patient value and exceptional patient outcomes can come from different backgrounds.  Indeed, in the ever-changing hearing solutions landscape, it has become essential for such like-minded professionals (physicians, audiologists, dispensers) to work together to sustain independent, autonomous professional care.  The “silo’s” approach to operating in the hearing care provider environment has had its run.  Diversity and inclusivity are not mutually exclusive.  With the challenges independent practice faces today, it’s time to exploit a more collaborative business process.”

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  1. Awesome vision – collaboration will advance our cause more than competition in today’s environment of rapid, and sometimes unexpected change. Bob.

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