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Voting Now Open for 2018 Focus on People Awards

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY — Oticon Inc announced this week that voting is now open for 2018 Focus on People Awards. The awards, now in their 20th year, honor students, adults, and hearing loss advocates that demonstrate that “hearing loss doesn’t hinder one’s ability to make a difference in the world”.

Among the 12 finalists, people are invited to cast their votes in each of the four categories – Student, Adult, Advocacy and Practitioner. The vote totals received will help to determine first, second and third place winners in each category. 


“Every vote is a public affirmation that hearing loss does not limit a person’s ability to achieve, contribute and inspire. Over the 20 years of this national awards program, tens of thousands of votes by individuals across the US have helped us to show that people with hearing loss can be role models not just for others with hearing loss, but for all of us!”

–Nancy Palmere, Director of Consumer Marketing and Public Relations


2018 Focus on People Award Finalists


The finalists of this year’s awards, in each of the four categories, are shown below:

The Adult Category:  Open to people with hearing loss, ages 18 and over. Nominees to the Adult Category are evaluated on their professional, volunteer, cultural and civic endeavors.


The Advocacy Category: Honors hearing impaired individuals of all ages who are actively involved in advocacy or support efforts that benefit people with hearing loss.


The Student Category: Open to full-time students with hearing loss, ages 6 – 25, who are currently in middle school, high school and college. Nominees are judged on their accomplishments in a wide range of community, athletic, academic and social activities.


The Practitioner Category: Recognizes hearing care professionals who go “above and beyond'” to open doors of opportunity for people with hearing loss through humanitarian and public education efforts. Nominees in the Practitioner Category are not required to have a hearing loss to qualify.


To cast vote and to learn more about this year’s finalists, visit the Focus on People Awards website here.

Voting will be open through August 24, 2018, and the winners will be announced in October. 


Source: Oticon