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Oticon Launches New Website to Promote Knowledge and Implementation in Pediatric Audiology

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY – Oticon announced that it is launching a new website to expand access to the resources of the Knowledge and Implementation in Pediatric Audiology (KIPA) group: The KIPA group, which is developed and financially supported by Oticon A/S, “brings together pediatric audiology researchers, clinicians and members of the industry to discuss, define and understand gaps in pediatric audiology practice”. 

According to the announcement, the new website seeks to facilitate participation and collaboration by pediatric audiologists around the world on current and future pediatric audiology projects and studies.


“Through KIPA, we investigate solutions to gaps in pediatric audiology and how we might implement best practice when working with children. Our specified areas of interest are those that are most relevant to today’s audiologists working in schools, hospitals and clinics.” — Dave Gordey, Ph.D., Director of Clinical Research and Professional Relations, Centre for Applied Audiology Research


KIPA is chaired by Sheila Moodie, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor at Western University in London, Ontario. Group members in North America and Europe include key opinion leaders in audiology working in hospitals, clinics and universities.

For audiologists, the KIPA website will provide easy access to resources, including a dedicated research section sharing research on practice change that promotes best practice in pediatric audiology. Among the research projects are: Survey of Best Practices: Pediatric Hearing Aid Fitting, Pediatric Amplification Trick and Tips and Bimodal Devices on Children: A Survey of Clinical Fitting Practices in North America.

The group is encouraging professionals to join the KIPA network for exclusive access to pediatric audiology webinars, invitations to participate in research, and online discussions. 


Source: Oticon, KIPA Group