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clEAR Unveils New Pricing Model and Subscription Plan for Auditory Training Program

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURIclEAR, a leading provider of aural rehabilitation solutions, unveiled its new pricing model and subscription plan to allow for more affordable and accessible services for patients amidst the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) conference, the world’s largest gathering of audiologists.

Available now for $24.99 per month, patients will receive unlimited access to the clEAR auditory training via computer games that are fun, engaging, and effective, and a clEAR in-house audiologist, who is available to provide ongoing coaching and support to patients.


Increasing Access to Auditory Training


A shift from the traditional three-month subscription allows patients and clinicians to buy a month-by-month subscription, with the ability to stop the subscription at any time. In addition, clEAR has introduced a new coupon system for audiologists to provide a discount to their patients, and they are now given the option to have a clEAR in-house audiologist follow the patient, both at no charge to their practice.

“While we’ve received positive feedback from patients, audiologists and hearing healthcare professionals alike, we saw a strong need to provide aural rehabilitation services at a lower price tag for our patients, while allowing us to give time back to busy practitioners with our in-house audiologist services. We’re pleased to implement these exciting changes and are committed to continually offering services that meet the needs of our patients and providers.”

–Nancy Tye-Murray, co-founder and CEO of clEAR

Rather than three distinct stages (diagnostics, hearing aids, and follow-up listening therapy), clEAR has bundled the hearing healthcare journey so that audiologists can provide the third stage, which is often neglected. With the new subscription, clEAR anticipate more audiologist will include auditory brain training in the price of hearing aids.

“With the rise of unbundled service options for individuals choosing to purchase hearing devices online, we listed to our patients and service providers, and we’re pleased to be the first company offering bundled services,” added Tye-Murray.

clEAR’s presence at the AAA conference this week will allow audiologists and hearing healthcare providers to learn more about the company’s offerings and the recent subscription model updates.


About clEAR

St. Louis-based clEARTM (Customized Learning: Exercises for Aural RehabilitationTM) is a clinical tool used by hearing healthcare professionals (HHPs) to provide customized hearing healthcare to their patients via gamified aural therapies. clEARTM is a recipient of an Arch Grant and a Washington University Lean Start-Up grant and was the first company ever to receive investment from Washington University’s Greenleaf Fund.


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