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Ida Institute Announces Winners of 2019 Research Grant

NAERUM, DENMARK — The Ida Institute has announced the recipients of the 2019 Ida Research Grant. The annual grants are awarded to projects that develop evidence related to Ida Institute methods and tools and aim to demonstrate the effect of person-centered practice in hearing care. 

The following three projects were awarded funds to further research on Ida resources and person-centered care:

1. Realizing the benefits of group aural rehabilitation in rural Newfoundland: an Innovative knowledge translation approach to improve outcome for hearing loss in a specific rural sub-culture

This project will invite people with hearing loss in rural Newfoundland to participate in three group aural rehabilitation sessions. The study will determine if attending the sessions leads to a change in participants’  knowledge, confidence, readiness to take action and evidence of action taken related to their hearing loss.

  • Principal researcher: Anne Griffin 
  • Co-investigator: Taylor Burt

2. The use of ethnographic videos as a tool for critical reflection in audiology ethics education
The goal of this project is to use Ida ethnographic videos along with theories on ethics and guiding questions to develop an educational resource that audiology students and clinicians can use to reflect on patients’ needs within and outside the context of an appointment. 

  • Principal researcher: Andrea Simpson 
  • Co-investigators: Renee Garrucio, Clare Delany, and Stella Ng

3. Does viewing ethnographic videos change audiology and speech-language pathology students’ clinical self-efficacy and anxiety in commencing clinical placements?
This study aims to explore the effect of observing the Ida ethnographic videos on first-year audiology and speech-language pathology students’ confidence and comfort in interacting with patients. 

  • Principal researcher: Nerina Scarinci 
  • Co-investigators: Kristen Tulloch and Christopher Lind


The purpose of the Ida Research Grant is to further research and build evidence for person-centered care. Each year, up to $10,000 USD is awarded in funding to three projects that develop evidence related to Ida Institute methods and tools and aim to demonstrate the effectiveness of person-centered care in hearing rehabilitation.

This year’s selected projects will be completed by September 2020.


Source: Ida Institute