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InnerScope Hearing Technologies Announces Plans To Launch Network of Hearing Screening Kiosks Nationwide

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA — InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. has announced its plans to launch a “network of interactive fully automated Point of Sale Hearing Screening Retail Kiosks and Untreated Hearing Loss Information Centers to be located inside large major hospitals, sporting venues, and other public locations, grocery stores, chain retailers, local retailers, pharmacy chains, grocery stores, hospitals, sporting venues, & other public locations”.

The development of the Hearing Kiosks is part of InnerScope’s newly revised “Hearing Better in America” awareness campaign, which it says is targeted at the large population of Americans who have untreated hearing loss. The Hearing Kiosks are designed to reach this underserved market with a quick 2-minute self-administered hearing-screening test, provide awareness about untreated hearing loss and information on InnerScope’s Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) hearing solutions.


Plans for Interactive Hearing Kiosks to be Placed at Thousands of Locations Nationally


Modeled after Redbox and it’s thousands of automated retail kiosks, InnerScope hopes its interactive automated Hearing Kiosks will give consumers with hearing loss the ability to have “easy access to more affordable and convenient alternative choice to purchase hearing products”.

Some of the Hearing Kiosks reported features include:

  • Self-administered 2-minute touch screen pure tone hearing screening test.
  • Calculates the participants’ tests results instantly and will accurately sort the participants into different hearing ability categories outlining examples of difficult everyday listening situations based on the hearing ability category.
  • A network of central controlled interconnected cloud-based highly secure HIPAA compliant infrastructure for collection of all participants’ contact information, hearing screening test results and survey information for acquisition and retention of new customers.
  • Provides the latest information about untreated hearing loss.
  • Directs participants to seek hearing help solutions based on their hearing needs or to refer a friend or family member to have their hearing screening test.
  • Will be able to generate Point of Sale of InnerScope’s Hearing Products from the Hearing Kiosks itself and/or will direct the participants to the section within the store where Hearing Products are sold. 


Reaching Consumers with Hearing Loss


After placing a kiosk in an optical retail business over a 3 month period, the company says the results were very encouraging. Based on those results, InnerScope’s anticipates that each Hearing Kiosk location will generate 500+ completed hearing screenings per month with hearing loss detected in approximately 320 participants and 57 of those participants will decide to purchase InnerScope’s Hearing Products either the same day or within a few weeks.

For the remaining participants that decided not purchase, InnerScope will continue to promote the benefits of better hearing by marketing directly to those individuals. InnerScope estimates each Hearing Kiosk location should generate $20,000 per month in gross revenue. 

“InnerScope continues to be the disruptive leader in the hearing industry with the development of its Point of Sale Hearing Retail Kiosks. We are extremely excited about our Hearing Kiosks, which have already created a lot of interest from major retailers. We plan to start ramping-up the deployment of the Hearing Kiosks in many locations very soon and will continue deploying for years to come.” 

–Matthew Moore, CEO of InnerScope Hearing Technologies

“With the population growing older everyday, coupled with the fact that people are damaging their hearing at an earlier age, either by ototoxic drugs (medication that negatively impacts hearing) or being exposed to loud noises, more people are needing hearing help than ever before. Given that fact, why do we have 42+ million Americans not getting the hearing help they need?” said Matthew Moore, CEO of Innerscope. “The reason is simple; the general population does not have easy access to check their hearing on a regular basis. Unfortunately, less than 20% of doctors ever check the ears or ask about hearing. There are many free health screening tests and health awareness literature readily available at local pharmacies, like self-administered blood pressure machines, but nothing about checking one’s hearing”. 

“InnerScope’s Hearing Kiosks will not only increase the much needed awareness of multiple health and cognitive consequences of untreated hearing loss, but also, by allowing the consumer free and easy access to regularly check and track their hearing at any time, the consumer is able to make an informed decision based on their hearing needs and decide when they’re ready to purchase InnerScope’s DTC Affordable Hearing Products”.


Source: InnerScope Hearing Technologies