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InnerScope Hearing Technologies Launches Self-Fitting Hearing Aids, Direct to Consumers, with Walmart, Sears, and Kmart

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA — InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: INND) a manufacturer and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) distributor/retailer of FDA-Registered Hearing Aids, announces today it has begun the process to launch on,, and, the NEXUS brand hearing products. The NEXUS hearing aids represent one of the first Self-Fitting RIC Premium Hearing Aid Devices with Remote Programming features.

The manufacturing of the NEXUS is the result of InnerScope’s previously announced 10-Year manufacturing and partnership agreement with Zounds Hearing Inc.


NEXUS Hearing Aids for Sale Online Direct to Consumers


The NEXUS would be the only hearing aid product of its kind offered Directly-to-Consumers “without the need or the cost of seeking the assistance of a hearing healthcare professional (HHCP)”. 

InnerScope believes its NEXUS is the only Hearing Aid Device in the world that offers the consumer the ability to “Automatically Hear” through its unique “Auto-Hear” program, a built-in self-testing programming software that automatically programs and personalizes the NEXUS Hearing Aid Devices through a simple fast and accurate Hearing Test and Self-fitting process (typically less than 6 minutes).

In addition, the NEXUS has also an innovation-board Remote Programming feature that allows InnerScope’s HHCP’s to remotely program the NEXUS from anywhere in the world. This Remote Programming feature allows HHCPs to have more fine tuning options to give users an option of a greater enhanced hearing experience. 

InnerScope says that its NEXUS devices can deliver the same hearing experience and hearing benefits that is offered by HHCPs, but with two distinct differences. Unlike, 95% of all hearing aids, which are sold, fitted and programmed through the HHCPs brick and mortar locations, the NEXUS can be bought through major “Big Box” retailers and programmed automatically using the “Auto-Hear” program or through the Remote Programming feature without ever leaving one’s home. Additionally, InnerScope says that it can deliver the NEXUS to the major reatilers at a savings of 60% to 80% less than through traditional HHCP’s brick and mortar locations without the customer sacrificing their quality of hearing experience.

In addition to launching the NEXUS on as a Direct Ship Vendor, InnerScope is also one of Sears and Kmart’s “Preferred Sellers”. InnerScope has also launched the NEXUS on, its own eCommerce website dedicated only to its Direct-to-Consumer Self-fitting Hearing Aid Devices.

“InnerScope together with its Technology Partners have spent a good part of a year designing the NEXUS and its user interface for what we believe to be the World’s First RIC Direct-to-Consumer Self-fitting hearing aid device,We are proud and excited to offer this one of a kind “Game Changer” breakthrough technology to the help the 48 million Americans who need, want, & deserve Affordable Premium Hearing Aid Devices.”

–Matthew Moore, CEO InnerScope Hearing Technologies

“InnerScope has successfully teamed up with highly recognized “Big Box” retailers like and soon to be announcing other large national and global “Big Box” retailers to offer the NEXUS and other products from the company. 


Hearing Aid Features and Technology


The NEXUS are said to be an “average of 50% to 75% lower cost compared to professionally fitted hearing aids with similar technology and features”, which are currently offered as a pair on the company’s website for $1,390 (USD) or $749 each. The NEXUS connects to smartphones and allows the user to easily and quickly access the “Self Fitting” technology and directly control (using iOS or Android mobile app) the functionality of the hearing aids.

nexus hearing aid app

Offering personalization and “Self Fitting” technology with the HearIQ Remote Control App, users are said to be able to: 

  • Take a Hearing Test – for automatically accessing the Self-Fitting algorithms for personalizing each hearing aid to an optimal hearing augmentation level.
  • Real-Time Fine-Tuning adjust Bass/Treble and Volume in each ear independently for maximum personalization different listening situations.
  • Enable Tinnitus Masker Intensity provides personalization in each ear for different masker options and intensities for relief for Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) sufferers.
  • Personalize 4 Comfort Listening Programs – for different listening environments. For Example:
  • Quiet Mode maximum noise reduction for the user to enjoy quiet time for relaxing on an airplane or at home.
  • Music Mode low noise reduction with full frequency spectrum for optimizes music in all frequency bands. The user experiences the fullness of sound when enjoying music.
  • Dining Mode medium noise cancellation and passive directionality for difficult listening environments such as group dining at home or a restaurant. The user can tune out the background noise and focus on the conversation.
  • Party Mode high noise cancellation and aggressive directionality for very difficult listening environments, such as noisy parties or sporting events.


Interested readers can learn more about the new hearing aids by visiting the company’s website here.


Source: InnerScope Hearing Technologies


  1. Guys, it appears as if your criticism could be due to fear or jealousy — fear of competition from a better product, and/or erosion of income from selling hearing aids. I take exception to the degrading tone describing consumers as ? ill-informed or stupid? It appears as if there is nothing wrong with the brains of consumers, and telling someone that he/she has inner ear degeneration does not resolve the problem, nor offer anything else but paying exorbitant prices for hearing aids — now that there is a product that offers help, assistance and a reasonable price, irrespective of the degree of hearing disability, now you attack a company that is far more on the side of the consumer than you!

  2. How are these blatantly illegal products being allowed to be sold already? The FDA hasn’t “cleared” any OTC devices outside of Bose, who got special privileges and as far as I know, aren’t available just yet. The FDA has until 2020 to develop the rules for OTC, and the OTC hearing aid law is NOT self-implementing, so why are the FDA and FTC not enforcing the laws to protect consumers from unscrupulous companies that are blatantly flouting the law, making unsubstantiated claims to consumers, and disparaging true hearing healthcare professionals? If these products are willing to lie about the legality of their devices, what else are they lying about? The amount of misinformation and ignorance surrounding the sense of hearing and the challenges of hearing loss and hearing health continually astound me. The hearing healthcare profession has done a very poor job of educating the populace and stressing that hearing care IS health care. Now it’s being reduced to a commodity good, and woe to the consumers that fall for this. They won’t hear as they want and won’t have any idea why.

  3. Who are these people? Launching aids that no consumer has any idea about. The consumer needs to know much more about his hearing loss before he can independently assess his hearing and understand whats going on in his brain!

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