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Nuheara Reports Latest Sales Figures More Than Double Over Previous Quarter

PERTH, AUSTRALIA — Smart hearing company Nuheara Limited (ASX: NUH) reports that at the conclusion of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales campaign on  December 2, 2019, the company’s Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) cash receipts (excluding traditional retail) for the current quarter to date have totaled more than $750,000 (approximately $513K USD) – this is more than double the DTC channel sales of $311K (approximately $213K USD) for the entire previous quarter. 

The outlook for the remainder of the Quarter remains positive with Christmas and Holiday sales campaigns having now commenced. These DTC sales campaigns will run through to midnight on December 31, 2019. 

“We are cognisant that increasing market awareness will drive our sales success in all forms of retail. With respect to DTC, it is pleasing that we are bringing far more people to our website to transact – website traffic is up 135% on the same period last year.” 

Justin Miller, Nuheara CEO

“With tighter management of the cost of acquisition, these results support scalability in our DTC model and in turn and confidence that further sales and marketing investment will drive our aspiration in achieving mass sales,” said Miller. 

“The majority of our new customers have never previously purchased a hearing assistance device. So with every new Nuheara product sale made, we continue to shape the smart hearing category as an alternative to expensive legacy hearing solutions. Our products are proven to be world leading and clearly fulfilling an unmet need. We are showing we can sell our products effectively to our customers through online channels.” 

“Driving deeper Nuheara product awareness globally will be the key to continued sales success. With new products to be released in 2020, we believe we now have a solid platform for continued growth in both DTC and traditional retail.” 


Source: Nuheara