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Nuheara launches Direct to Consumer Initiative with New Self Care Hearing platform

IQbuds BOOST hearablesNuheara unveiled a new buying experience for people with mild-to-moderate hearing challenges. Using hearing products designed for active lifestyles, the company says that people “can now start managing their own hearing health, from the comfort of their own homes, with flexible payment options and dramatically lower costs”.

Nuheara’s program is said to offer a more convenient and affordable alternative than currently available options. It begins with a choice of online hearing assessments that helps determine whether the customer is a candidate for Nuheara’s technology.

If the customer is a candidate, on purchase, Nuheara ships a pair of its IQbuds™ BOOST hearing buds to the customer’s door. From there, the customer personalizes the earbuds to their unique hearing profile using the clinically validated Ear ID™, Nuheara’s proprietary audiometric system.

The result, says the company, is “dramatically improved hearing experience for 80% less than the cost of a traditional hearing device”.

“Worldwide, one in six people are hearing challenged, and most of those fit into the mild-to-moderate category. Until recently, this massive consumer group has been completely underserved by unaffordable and inaccessible products. Traditional hearing aids are prosthetically overengineered for their needs, non functional as lifestyle headsets, cost an average of $4,300 and require set-up, tuning and maintenance from an audiologist. It’s overkill for the category and as a result, most people who need help with their hearing wait too long to get it. With this new program, we’re out to remove the barriers to better hearing health: to reach people where they live, with products and technology they can afford, and transform their lives for the better at a much earlier age.”

-David Cannington, Nuheara co- founder

If for any reason customers don’t like what they hear, the company says they can return the IQbuds BOOST for free within thirty days.


Nuheara Hearing Self-Care Program


Commenting on the customer experience and journey, Nuheara CEO Justin Miller was quoted: “If we’re concerned we have a fever, we go straight to a thermometer, if we’re concerned about our weight, we jump on a set of scales. Previously, people who may be concerned about their hearing had no self- assessment avenue with which to measure it and subsequently, no affordable products to then support themselves with.”

“This is a wrap-around self-care platform, enabling us to build a direct relationship at the moment in time our customers begin to engage in their hearing health journey. In a similar way that we assess our hearing customers in our retail partner stores with IQconnect, we can now do the same consultative assessment process online.

–Justin Miller, Nuheara CEO


Source: Nuheara