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Nuheara Announces Partnership with Walgreens to Sell Hearing Devices Direct to Consumers

Nuheara and Walgreens, the second largest pharmacy chain in the U.S., have announced a direct-to-consumer (DTC) retail partnership. Nuheara’s smart hearing products, IQbuds BOOST and IQstream TV are now available online at

According to the announcement, Nuheara’s products are the only hearing-related devices currently offered by Walgreens.


Providing Walgreen’s Customers Access to Nuheara Hearing Devices


In preparation for the launch, Nuheara and Walgreens have worked closely to integrate their respective online systems and provide a discrete and convenient method for customers to acquire “affordable and accessible assistive hearing solutions”.

Walgreens’ customers are now able to purchase Nuheara products directly from the Walgreens website with delivery to their own home, or for pick up at their nearest Walgreens store.

Walgreens has more than 90 million active subscriber members, which provides significant opportunity for Nuheara to continue to broaden its US market penetration and brand awareness. Walgreens currently operates 9,277 stores across all 50 US states.

“Walgreens interacts with approximately 8 million customers per day across its stores and online. With their front-end branding and customer reach, coupled with Nuheara’s innovative products and back-end Direct-to-Consumer hearing retail experience, it offers significant retail sales potential for both companies”
–Justin Miller, Nuheara CEO

“We are seeing a significant uptake in our Direct-to-Consumer sales and are delighted that we can bring this globally unique hearing retail experience to a pharmacy giant such as Walgreens,” said CEO, Justin Miller.
The first Walgreens email campaign featuring Nuheara has launched from today and will target over 10 million members.

“In 2020, with the implementation of new Over-the-Counter hearing aid regulations, together with our new products, we trust this will be the start of new era in US hearing retail.”


Source: Nuheara