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Oticon Xceed and Oticon RemoteCare Snag CES 2020 Innovation Awards

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY — The Consumer Electronics Association (CES) has named Oticon Xceed and Oticon RemoteCare as honorees in the CES 2020 Innovations Awards.

The leading international awards program annually selects the best of the best in consumer electronics. Oticon Xceed, the world’s most powerful hearing aid, earned honors in the highly competitive Health & Wellness category.  Oticon RemoteCare, a new e-health solution that will enable hearing care professionals to provide convenient aftercare service to their patients (to be released in 2020), was honored in the Tech for a Better World category. 

This is the fourth consecutive year that Oticon has been recognized by the awards program.  The two newest awards bring to ten the number of times Oticon has received CES Innovation Awards, including three top-ranked Best of Innovation category wins.

“We are extremely proud to have Oticon Xceed and Oticon RemoteCare honored by the Consumer Electronics Association. Our ability to consistently stand out in a competition that includes some of the world’s most cutting-edge consumer technology products and services underscores Oticon’s commitment to develop hearing technology that makes a real difference in people’s lives.” 

–Gary Rosenblum, President of Oticon Inc. 


Oticon Xceed: Tailored to Power Users


Oticon Xceed features a “new approach to hearing care for individuals with severe-to-profound hearing loss that is proven to deliver better speech clarity and better short-term recall while reducing the listening effort this patient population struggles with in most situations every day”.  

According to the company’s announcement, “Xceed is the first super- and ultra-power hearing aid with OpenSound Navigator™ and OpenSound Optimizer™, BrainHearing™ technologies that support more access to speech”.

The technology in Xceed empowers hearing care professionals to deliver optimal output and gain – 146dB SPL and 87 dB full on gain — without the high risk of feedback.  People with severe-to-profound hearing loss can enjoy more access to speech throughout the day with a 360° soundscape and consistent amplification without significant gain reductions. 


Oticon RemoteCare: Benefits for Practitioner and Patient


When launched in 2020, Oticon RemoteCare will “facilitate easier access to the personalized care that qualified hearing care practitioners provide and that hearing aid wearers require, allowing hearing care professionals to provide optimal support for their patients at a mutually convenient time”.

RemoteCare will provide hearing care professionals and patients with easy access to follow-up appointments. The Oticon RemoteCare App enables data communication between the users’ hearing aids and the hearing care professional via a stable Internet connection. Hearing care practitioners can make necessary adjustments in real time – just as if the patient was in the clinic – and receive immediate feedback. 

“By providing a global showcase for our newest hearing technology, prestigious awards like the CES Innovation Awards help us to show the world the wide-ranging possibilities of modern hearing technology to improve not only hearing, but quality of life”

–Gary Rosenblum, President of Oticon Inc. 

To learn more about Oticon Xceed, visit www.oticon.com/xceed.  For more information on the Oticon product portfolio, visit www.oticon.com.


Source: Oticon