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2020 EUHA Sponsorship Award: Digital Award Ceremony

The award ceremony for the eleventh EUHA  Sponsorship Award was held on October 7, 2020 – in online format, for the first time.  By presenting three young people with the award, the jury has honored them for  their excellent work. The awardees are pioneers. As are all hearing aid acousticians  who had to tread new paths during the coronavirus pandemic.  

In her laudation, Eva Keil-Becker remarked that she considered the current situation  an opportunity, and welcomed the prize winners saying: “I am delighted that we have  come together digitally today. Corona has taught us to rethink. It’s fantastic to have  this opportunity to network using our computers, and connect with one another in this  way.” Quoting Friedrich Nietzsche, she said: “New paths are created by treading  them.” 

“And that’s what we are doing right now – on a global scale!” Eva Keil-Becker pointed  out. During her speech, she encouraged the three awardees to walk new paths, to  be, and remain, pioneers in their fields. 


Treading New Paths


Christina Zinner was awarded first prize. In her bachelor’s thesis written at Jade University of Applied Sciences in Oldenburg, Hearing Technology and Audiology degree programme, she dealt with a comparison between five speech tests in  speech-simulating background noise. The Freiburg sentence test is the speech test  most frequently used in German-speaking countries. In the medium term, Christina  Zinner would like to see a new recording of the Freiburg sentence test, which dates  from the 1950s. 

Second prize went to Simone Wollermann for her master’s thesis on the  “Determination of temporal thresholds for subjective speech detection”, submitted at  Lübeck University, Department of Auditory Technology. 

Stephan Müller has written his master’s thesis at Lübeck University, Department of  Auditory Technology. His paper on the “Evaluation of spatial sound quality in  ecologically valid scenarios” was awarded third prize.  

The award ceremony for the 2020 EUHA Sponsorship Award is now live on Later this year, the papers honored with the award will be available  for download at

The European Union of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) presented its first Sponsorship Award in 2010. The prize is awarded every year, and intended for students of a  university of applied sciences or university who have completed their studies within  the past 24 months. In 2020, the journeyman’s examination in hearing aid acoustics  has been waived as a requirement for application. Graduates are eligible to submit  their diploma, bachelor, or master theses. Papers should be dealing with the rehabilitation of deficiencies affecting the auditory communication system, and exhibit  potential for development. Another requirement is that the subject matter can be  practically applied by members of the trade of hearing aid acousticians. The EUHA  attaches great importance to the auditory applicability of the results found to humans,  processes or production methods. Moreover, relevance to hearing aid fitting and to  customer service is required. 


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