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Fuel Medical Group Announces Partnership with Redux

CARMEL, INDIANA Redux, the developer of professional drying and cleaning systems for personal  electronics, and Fuel Medical Group, the leading business advisory resource for ENTs, audiologists,  otologists and universities, have announced their affiliation. The agreement “further strengthens Fuel Medical’s reputation for providing its members with actionable solutions that enhance practice  performance and impact patient outcomes”. 

With the push of a button, the Redux system safely and completely removes moisture from hearing  aids, implants and hearables in just minutes while providing verification of water removed. Redux’s  patented technology creates a vacuum to lower the evaporation point of water and then applies heat to  remove moisture from both traditionally powered and rechargeable devices at below body temperature.  An internal humidity sensor allows the hardware to wirelessly report the amount of moisture removed in  real-time.  

Redux is improving the condition for 98% of all aids treated, with hearing care professionals reporting  immediate improved performance in 77% of all aids treated. The in-office system is designed to be a  revenue-generating opportunity for practices by improving hearing instrument function, saving valuable  office staff-time and reducing instrument returns. 

“Hearing instruments have evolved, we believe that instrument care should to. That starts with  addressing the most common patient issue with aids, moisture and debris. Fuel Medical is a perfect fit  for Redux because we share their focus to help practices remain profitable and patient-focused. Brendan and Shawn’s teams are improving lives,  we’re proud to be a part of that.” 

–Reuben Zielinski, Redux president and co-founder

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership as we both believe in each other’s missions,”  added Brendan Ford, Fuel Medical Group’s Co-Founder. “We have a lot of overlap in our goals,  specifically when it comes to identifying and operationalizing innovative technology for our members,” said Shawn Parker, Fuel Medical Group’s Co-Founder. “Moisture is a primary contributor to hearing  aids coming into the office weak or DOA. The  Redux system completely removes moisture in just minutes, which saves time for everyone. Time is  such a valuable resource and so much of it could be saved with removing moisture first to reduce  troubleshooting time and the processing of unnecessary repairs.” 


About Fuel Medical Group

Fuel Medical Group is the leading business advisory resource for ENTs, audiologists, otologists and  universities. Fuel provides comprehensive business and marketing services to create and implement  custom solutions for patient-focused, growth-minded medical practices to improve every patient’s experience and achieving every clinic’s potential. By combining best-practice business strategies with  analytics, Fuel Medical collaborates with its members to achieve their goals through effective talent,  information, patient and marketing management. For more information visit www.FuelMedical.com.  


About Redux 

Redux has over 40 issued U.S. and international patents and uses this patented drying process to  remove moisture from hearing instruments and personal electronics. Since 2013, Redux has been  saving phones, tablets, hearing aids and hearables. More than two-million customers have subscribed  to Redux’s drying services in thousands of wireless communication retailers and hearing care  professional offices across the globe. Redux is a faster, dryer, smarter and verified approach to  moisture removal and cleaning that allows your devices to function their best so you can function your  best. Visit them at www.Redux.com to learn more.

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