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Lucid Audio Announces Acquisition of Westone Audio, the Music Division of Westone Laboratories

FORT WORTH, TEXAS — Lucid Audio announced this week that it is acquiring Westone Audio.  The move will expand Lucid Audio’s innovative family of products by adding Westone Audio’s premium in-ear and custom earphone solutions. 

“With Westone Audio’s over 35 years of success and experience in the consumer and professional audio markets, the acquisition is extremely exciting and opens up endless possibilities for future synergies and development”

–Gary Boyer, Lucid Audio’s General Manager

Lucid Audio is a market leader best known for wireless audio devices, personal sound amplification products and hearing protection.  The 2018 acquisition of Etymotic Research® expanded the product family through Etymotic’s 100+ patents covering medical, diagnostic, and professional studio in-ear monitors. 

Between both companies, there are “75+ years of combined experience in helping people enjoy their music in ways that are innovative and sets Lucid Audio for the future in high end consumer earphones”.  The company states that the alignment and partnerships that can be found between the combined companies will lead to better products from both Westone Audio and Etymotic with the ability for more people to hear music like they’ve never heard before.   


About Lucid Audio

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Lucid Audio® is passionately focused on our goal of helping more people hear better at all ages and stages.  We want you to hear your music better, your TV better, your loved ones and the world around you better.  We have a team of experts in acoustic research and cutting-edge hearing device development, engineering and designing products in the USA.  Innovation, education and hearing conservation are central to our mission.  Audiophile respected, Audiologist tested, and applauded by customers of every age, with Lucid Audio products, you will always Hear Better.


About Westone Laboratories

Established in 1959, Westone Laboratories has celebrated over 60 years of delivering custom earpieces that protect and enhance hearing, facilitate communication, and support hearing healthcare professionals. The largest manufacturer of custom earpieces serving the hearing health community, Westone is recognized as a leading innovator across the custom earpiece and hearing protection markets. Westone is a proud partner of the United States Military providing specially designed communication-enabled and hearing protection earpieces for service members and first-responders around the world. It is our people, our experience, and our products that truly make Westone “The In-Ear Experts®.”.

*Westone® is a registered trademark of Westone Laboratories, Inc.  Lucid Audio® and Westone Audio™ are trademarks of Lucid Audio LLC.


Source: Lucid Audio