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Neosensory Partners with Oaktree Products to Distribute New Tinnitus Program, Neosensory Duo, to US Audiologists

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIANeosensory, a California-based startup founded by Stanford neuroscientist Dr. David Eagleman and neuroengineer Dr. Scott Novich, has partnered with Oaktree Products, the leading multi-line distributor of audiology supplies, to bring their new tinnitus program, Neosensory Duo, to thousands of hearing professionals across the country.

Neosensory has been developing innovative hearing and sensory augmentation solutions since 2015 and was recently recognized by Fast Company 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards.


Addressing Tinnitus with Bimodal Stimulation


Neosensory’s program uses their patented wristband that creates specific vibrational patterns on the skin, synchronized with a set of tones picked up by the user’s ears.

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This proprietary, non-invasive method – known as bimodal stimulation – leverages neuroplasticity and has been shown to reduce tinnitus symptoms in more than 87% of users.

The effectiveness of bimodal stimulation in tinnitus sufferers has been previously demonstrated in studies conducted by separate teams at the University of Michigan and Trinity College, Dublin. 

“Audiologists have a unique opportunity to help their patients and expand their practices by including Neosensory Duo as part of a tinnitus management program or package,” said Kevin Liebe, AuD. “Being much more affordable than traditional tinnitus devices makes it an appealing option for both patients and clinicians.”                                                                                                               



The Neosensory Duo is now available for audiologists to order on Oaktree’s website: www.oaktreeproducts.com.

For more information about Neosensory and its products, contact Neosensory at audiology@neosensory.com or visit https://neosensory.com.

About Neosensory

Founded in 2015 by neuroscientists David Eagleman and Scott Novich, Neosensory builds non-invasive brain-machine interfaces to create new senses. Dr. Eagleman demonstrated the company’s first sensory substitution device, the VEST, in a widely acclaimed TED Talk. A second, more compact version of the device, a wristband called Buzz, became available in 2020. Since then, Neosensory has built a growing community of users, developers, and neurotech enthusiasts. The company’s tinnitus program, Neosensory Duo, launched in March 2021, is based upon new scientific research on bimodal stimulation. For more information on Neosensory’s technology and its applications, visit neosensory.com.


About Oaktree Products

Oaktree Products, Inc. serves as a resource for audiologists and other hearing health care professionals with a commitment to providing the highest level of customer service. As a mutli-line distributor of hearing health care products, the company offers over 4200 different products intended for use in the clinical environment or for resale to patients. In addition, Oaktree Products is a resource to the hearing industry and hearing health care professionals, offering information, product solutions, and technical training/education in various areas of clinical practice including hearing assistance technology, cerumen management, and infection control. Learn more at Oaktreeproducts.com


Source: Neosensory, Oaktree Products