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Oaktree Products and Tuned Partner to Offer New Opportunities for Audiology Practices

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — TunedCare, a leading online hearing health platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Oaktree Products, the world’s largest multi-line distributor of audiology products and supplies.

The collaboration will provide audiologists using the Tuned platform the ability to coordinate delivery of product solutions to their patients for all Tuned Marketplace products. Oaktree’s supply chain expertise will power end-to-end fulfillment of Tuned’s Marketplace, eliminating the need for audiologists to manage shipping and returns.

“Joining forces with Oaktree means that audiologists can recommend product solutions to their patients without assuming costs and liabilities associated with inventory and fulfillment logistics. This collaboration enables audiologists to confidently connect with underserved patients virtually while providing stress-free access to a full spectrum of product solutions to meet specific needs.”

–Kate McGinley, CGO and Co-Founder, TunedCare

The strategic partnership also brings together audiologist Heather Malyuk, AuD of Tuned and A.U. Bankaitis, PhD of Oaktree to spearhead other initiatives including objective vetting of PSAPs and OTC amplification devices.

“For the past five years, Oaktree Products has been working with several research partners, objectively evaluating PSAPs for quality assurance and appropriateness for degree and configuration of hearing loss using a consistent protocol.” said Dr. Bankaitis, Vice President and Clinical Audiologist at Oaktree Products. “As a resource to the hearing industry, part of Oaktree’s mission is to objectively compile and freely share data and information to allow providers to make the most informed decisions about product solutions. Partnering with Tuned is a win-win for both audiologists and patients.”

One of the short-term goals of Tuned is to recommend pre-vetted hearing solutions to appropriate candidates. Audiologists will be able to use their Tuned dashboard to access the detailed information and test results of these devices. Only manufacturers who pass the rigorous tests will be listed on the Tuned Marketplace and permitted to use the seal of approval in their marketing materials.

“We know that consumers desire more amplification options and are actively looking for them. The current care model must expand so that a barrier between individuals who need audiologic care and the audiologists themselves is not created. Tuned is the tool to take these truths and do something: meet our patients where they need us to be.” said Dr. Heather Malyuk, AuD, Tuned’s Head of Audiology.

For more information, visit Tunedcare.com


About TunedCare

After launching in October of 2021, Tuned is now the world’s largest hearing health platform. Tuned equips audiologists with a turnkey virtual clinic to add to their practice, provides education about vetted and affordable alternative amplification products, delivers clinically validated online hearing screenings, and automates the practice of telehealth, all in an intuitive dashboard, so they can focus on helping patients. The end-to-end platform frees audiologists from the commission-based practice model, so they can confidently and comfortably deliver their expert advice.


About Oaktree Products

Oaktree Products is the leading multi-line distributor of products and supplies to the hearing industry. Family-owned and operated since 1992, Oaktree carries more than 5,000 products and ships to thousands of hearing healthcare organizations across the world. Beyond its distribution operations, Oaktree serves as a resource to the hearing professional with a wide variety of educational and informative materials on its website and social channels. Oaktree’s mission is to simplify the life of the hearing professional, by being fast, reliable and friendly to work with, and provide the professional with a solution to their every need.


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