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Oto Announces Launch of Partner Programme to Allow Any Audiology Provider to Deliver Digital Tinnitus Treatment

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – Oto today announces the launch of its partner programme. According to the company, the new program will allow any audiology provider to deliver evidence-based tinnitus management using Oto’s digitally enabled pathway or complement their current tinnitus treatment offerings using Oto’s digital therapeutic.  

Oto’s partner programme aims to balance the mismatch between the millions with intrusive tinnitus, and the scarcity of healthcare professionals trained to deliver therapy.

Using Oto’s digital treatment pathway any audiologist can now manage tinnitus-associated distress autonomously without the need for an  external referral. The pathway consists of therapy delivered via Oto’s mobile app complemented by face to-face appointments with an audiologist.  


Digital Tinnitus Treatment


Until now, audiology providers were often limited in management options they felt able to offer for  patients or clients with tinnitus. Those needing formal treatment would require a referral to a specialist, resulting the provider losing that client.

Oto’s partner programme “provides audiologists with all the tools and training they need to start managing tinnitus in-house. They can now deliver a personalised programme to their patients that includes all the latest evidence-based therapy – including cognitive  behavioural therapy (CBT), targeted mindfulness, sound therapy and relaxation therapy”.  

“We envision a world where tinnitus treatment is instantly  accessible for all. Audiologists play such a pivotal role in tinnitus management, so we see it as essential  that they feel able to provide effective tinnitus therapy to their patients. Our partner programme allows  just that – for any audiologist to provide evidence-based tinnitus care.” 

–Dr. Edmund Farrar, Co-Founder of Oto


Source: Oto

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