Starkey’s Brandon Sawalich Pens Opinion Piece on Misinformation Surrounding Hearing Aids

Earlier this week, an opinion piece written by Starkey President and CEO, Brandon Sawalich, was published in the Morning Consult, a popular Washington D.C.-based news site.

The piece, entitled “Misinformation around hearing aids could cause harm”, points out that stigma is the biggest barrier to hearing aid adoption, not cost. 

“Moreover, the notion that cost is the biggest barrier to treating hearing loss is simply false; it’s the stigma associated with wearing hearing aids. A hearing aid, like any medical device, comes with an investment. On average, an entry-level hearing aid fit by a hearing professional costs around $900. An advanced hearing aid averages about $1,600. What most people don’t understand about the hearing industry is that the price tag also includes clinical evaluations, the hearing aid fitting, care and warranty plans, follow-up consultations and adjustments and ear and hearing aid cleanings, all for the life of that device. This bundle approach ensures that people are getting the most out of these devices since hearing loss is so personalized. Not to mention, 30 states provide Medicaid coverage of hearing aids, and another 23 states require insurance to cover some portion of hearing aid costs.”

The article can be read here.


Source: Morning Consult