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Basic Concepts of Clinical Electrophysiology in Audiology

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Basic Concepts of Clinical Electrophysiology in Audiology is a ‘revolutionary textbook’, combining the research and expertise of both distinguished experts and up-and-coming voices in the field. By taking a multidisciplinary approach to the subject, the editors of this graduate-level text break down all aspects of electrophysiology to make it accessible to audiology students.

In addition to defining the basics of the tools of the trade and their routine uses, the authors also provide ample presentations of new approaches currently undergoing continuing research and development. The goal of this textbook is to give developing audiologists a broad and solid basis of understanding of the methods in common or promising practice.

Throughout the text, individual chapters are divided into “episodes,” each examining a facet of the overarching chapter’s topic. With different experts handling each episode, readers are exposed to outstanding professionals in the field. This text singularly stitches together the chapters and their episodes to build from foundational concepts to more complex issues that clinicians are likely to face on their road to full clinical competency. As collections of episodes, the writers and editors thus endeavor to present a series of stories that build throughout the book, in turn allowing readers to build a broader interest in the subject.


Key Features

  • Heads Up sections in each chapter introduce more advanced content to expose readers to what lies beyond the basic level and further enhance the main chapter content and “entertainment value”
  • Take home messages at the end of each chapter serve to focus the reader’s attention, encourage review, and discourage superficial learning by “just reading the abstract”
  • More than 450 innovative illustrations use combinations of panels, insets, and/or gray tone to facilitate reader understanding, optimize portrayal of data, and unify concepts across chapters
  • Numerous case studies and references to practical clinical issues and results are included throughout the book
  • Keywords are highlighted in-text to improve both attention and retention of critical terms and ease of returning to review them
  • For instructors, access to the PluralPlus companion website with PowerPoint lecture slides


Book Details

Title: Basic Concepts of Clinical Electrophysiology in Audiology | Author: John D. Durrant, Cynthia G. Fowler, John A. Ferraro, & Suzanne C. Purdy | Published: 2/15/2022 | ISBN: 978-1-63550-175-9|


About The Authors

John D. Durrant, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of Communication Science and Disorders at University of Pittsburgh and research scientist for Intelligent Hearing Systems (Miami, Florida).

Cynthia G. Fowler, PhD, is Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorder at University of Wisconsin–Madison and founding director of the Doctor-of-Audiology Program at University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point.

John A. Ferraro, PhD, is Professor Emeritus at University of Kansas and former Doughty-Kemp Chair of the Hearing and Speech Department at University of Kansas Medical Center.

Suzanne C. Purdy, PhD, is a career audiologist and the Head of School of Psychology at University of Auckland, New Zealand, and the current Council Chair of the International Evoked Response Audiometry Study Group


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