New Book: Eddie the Elephant’s Magical Ear

Eddie is an endearing and adventurous elephant whose day is turned upside down when he breaks and loses his ear and discovers he can no longer hear! With the help of an itsy-bitsy spider and a magical bright blue hearing aid, Eddie goes on an unexpected journey to get his ear (and hearing) back.

Eddie the Elephant’s Magical Ear is a delightful and imaginative book for both children and adults with hearing loss, and for those who recently got or are curious about others with hearing aids. When Eddie tells of his adventure, there is nothing but delight associated with his magical hearing aid and the importance of hearing. Everyone loves an elephant, and an elephant with a magical bright blue hearing aid makes anyone who has one magical too!

Written by a licensed hearing aid specialist who has bilateral cochlear implants, Eddie the Elephant’s Magical Ear will be a beloved resource for parents, audiologists, and children alike.


The Stigma of Wearing Hearing Aids


For many people, nothing can adequately describe the pain and isolation of not being able to hear. Children, especially, may find it difficult to deal with the challenges and potential stigma that may come with hearing loss or wearing of hearing aids.

Suzanne Picerno wrote Eddie the Elephant’s Magical Ear to help children (and adults) understand the importance of hearing, and how it connects us to our environment and others. Without the ability to hear, a void occurs that is physical, emotional, and cognitive. Eddie is aware that he is missing sounds that he once cherished. It makes him sad because he “hadn’t realized his ear was broken all that bad.” The same is true for children and adults with hearing loss who have become used to how they hear, and thus do not realize they are missing parts of words or sentences.

When one “hears, but does not understand,” communication is lost. The brain tries to fill in the gaps, but because it is playing catch-up, it is often inaccurate, resulting in the individual being left out of the conversation, or “pretending” to have heard, which can lead to frustration and embarrassment.


The  Creation of Eddie the Elephant


While she was writing a more technical book, Eddie the Elephant poked his trunk insistently at Picerno’s brain until she created his character and what eventually became Eddie the Elephant’s Magical Ear.

Like many people, Eddie didn’t realize he had hearing loss or that he needed help. With the help of the itsy-bitsy spider and a hearing aid, Eddie regains his ability to hear. He is amazed by how clearly he can hear using his magical hearing aid. He is proud to wear it. There is no stigma, only the joy of sound. Eddie’s message is one of hope: hope that people will recognize the symptoms of hearing loss and share Eddie’s amazement when he reenters the world of sound.

A series of Eddie the Elephant books is planned.


About the Author

Suzanne Picerno is a former corporate professional, who lost her hearing over a 30-year period of time. From hearing aid wearer to becoming functionally deaf, she is an example of what can be achieved despite the appearance of obstacles. Today, Suzanne has bilateral cochlea implants and is a passionate advocate for creating hearing awareness.

She has an MA in clinical psychology, an MBA, and is a licensed hearing aid specialist. Eddie the Elephant’s Magical Ear is her first published book, as well as the first book in the Eddie the Elephant Series.


Source: Suzanne Picerno

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  1. What a wonderful way to share your spirit and experiences, in such a creative and imaginative way.
    A wonderful teaching tool!

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