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Oticon Medical Announces FDA Clearance of Ponto 5 SuperPower

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY – Oticon Medical announces that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the new Ponto 5 SuperPower sound processor, expanding the Ponto 5 family product line.

According to the announcement, the device would be the smallest SuperPower device available, which also delivers “significant advancements in sound processor technology – including a patented feature to prevent audible feedback – along with a sleek cosmetic design”.


Ponto 5 SuperPower


The patented OpenSound Optimizer™ technology in the Ponto 5 SuperPower “cracks the code of how to prevent feedback”. It said to work by detecting and preventing audible feedback from occurring, rather than managing feedback by reducing amplification. This feature is said to enable audiologists to fit users with up to 5 dB† of extra stable gain “without compromising on the dynamics of sound”.1

In addition, the OpenSound Navigator™ technology “gives users access to their full 360° soundscape, rather than simply focusing on speech as traditional technologies do. This provides users with greater focus and awareness of their surroundings and has been confirmed in a study to significantly improve speech understanding”.*2

This combination of unique features “works seamlessly across listening environments to deliver breakthrough fuller sound, without the risk of audible feedback”.**1

“I’m incredibly proud of this product, and I see the FDA clearance as an acknowledgement of our significant accomplishment and of the ability of this important device to help people with hearing loss. I look forward to our product launch in the near future and to helping even more people get access to powerful sound and the benefits of BrainHearing™ technology. It represents a major advancement of our mission to empower all users by providing the best possible sound experience.”

–Jes Olsen, President of Oticon Medical

As part of the Ponto 5 family, the new Ponto 5 SuperPower is also designed to offer easy connectivity and streaming, including the Oticon RemoteCare platform for access to care from anywhere.

ponto 5 superpower hearing aid

The Ponto 5 SuperPower will become available in the spring of 2022.



When measured on Ponto 5 SuperPower relative to Ponto 3 SuperPower 

*Increased speech understanding when comparing performance with OpenSound Navigator ON relative to OpenSound Navigator OFF. ** For prescribed fittings, according to best practice and during normal use. 

1 Data on file at Oticon Medical 

2 Data on File – Clinical study BC109


Because sound matters  

Oticon Medical is a global company in implantable hearing solutions, dedicated to bringing the power of sound to people at every stage of life. As part of the Demant Group, a global leader in hearing healthcare  with more than 16,500 people in over 30 countries and users benefitting from our products and solutions in more than 130 countries, we have access to one of the world’s strongest research and development teams, the latest technological advances, and insights into hearing care. Our competencies span more than a century of innovations in sound processing and decades of pioneering experience in hearing implant  technology. We work collaboratively with patients, physicians, and hearing care professionals to ensure that every solution we create is designed with users’ needs in mind. We have a strong passion to provide innovative solutions and support that enhance quality of life and help people live full lives – now and in the  future. Because we know how much sound matters.


Source: Oticon Medical

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