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Oto and Tuned Partner to Offer First Reimbursable Digital Tinnitus Support Available via US Health Insurance

LONDON/NEW YORKTuned, an online hearing care platform and Oto, a digital health company, have announced that for the first time in the US, digital tinnitus support is available and reimbursed by health insurance.

Affecting up to 1 in 7 people worldwide, there is no known cure for tinnitus and it is commonly left unmanaged or poorly managed, causing significant distress. There is no cure for tinnitus and until now tinnitus specific support has been very limited, however the Oto app compiles and consolidates the latest therapy techniques to support people to maximize their quality of life. 


Digital Tinnitus Support


In just four months, TunedCare has opened access to hearing health for 1.4 million employees via partnerships with health insurers.  Tuned connects audiologists and patients through a new model of hearing care to increase access to specialist audiology support and validated, affordable hearing care solutions including apps and OTC devices. 

Via the Tuned platform, people living with tinnitus can book a virtual consultation with an audiologist for a hearing health assessment and to get specialist advice. Based on the assessment, the clinical team can prescribe high-end, effective but cost-conscious solutions via like Oto’s tinnitus support mobile app from Tuned’s hearing health marketplace that gives people the freedom to choose options that suit them best.

“Tuned is so pleased to bring Oto into the US market in this way.  Ensuring all employees have access to hearing health for a lifetime is important to us, and in talking with Ed, we saw that he and the Oto team committed to the same goal.  Tinnitus is becoming more and more common.  It affects people in their 20s, 30s, 40s.  And these same folks are wearing headsets for work.  Let’s get them the tools they need”

–Kate McGinley, co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Tuned

Oto has recently graduated from Y Combinator’s W22 cohort and was co-founded by tinnitus patients and former military doctors Dr Edmund Farrar, Dr George Leidig, as well as Specialist Registrar in Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery Dr Jameel Muzaffar

Sharing Oto’s excitement for the announcement, Dr. Ed Farrar said: “As a condition without a cure that is still not well understood, getting access to the right support is so critical for those affected by tinnitus. It’s fantastic to be able to collaborate with Tuned, who are already doing brilliant things to improve access to hearing care, to now provide people with an effective solution in a way that means they can take control of their tinnitus without worrying about the financial burden.”


About Oto

Oto is a digital health startup that helps people access evidence-based treatment for overlooked and underserved chronic conditions. Our first product provides psychological support to anyone with tinnitus – a condition affecting 1 in 7 people, characterised by ringing in the ears. Our team of doctors, audiologists, therapists, voice artists, sound engineers and researchers has decades of experience in helping people with tinnitus and insight from all walks of life. Our vision is simple: to be the definitive solution for overlooked chronic conditions.

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About Tuned

Tuned changes the model for hearing healthcare: from a reactive, hearing-aids focused approach, to a proactive approach that includes wellcare and early interventions.  Tuned empowers employers to deliver inclusive hearing health care to employees, across all hearing abilities.  Tuned supports the care with comprehensive product options to support hearing health, freeing employers from the need to evaluate thousands of headset and software combinations. Today, 1.4 million people can access Tuned through employer benefits and marketplaces.  Tuned is a private company headquartered in New York City, with audiologists across the United States and worldwide. For more information visit: https://www.tunedcare.com

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