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Phonak Becomes a Patron Partner of the American Tinnitus Association

STÄFA, SWITZERLAND — Phonak, a leading global provider of life-changing hearing solutions, is excited to announce it recently joined the American Tinnitus Association’s (ATA) Corporate Engagement Program.
Founded in 1971, ATA is the nation’s foremost organization committed to improving the lives of people with tinnitus by providing hope for a quieter future through education, advocacy, and research toward a cure.
Phonak’s Lyric, the 100% invisible hearing aid that “provides 24/7 hearing for weeks at a time”, has been clinically proven to provide relief from tinnitus1, which affects approximately 26 million adults in the United States and is commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears.”
“Phonak is proud to support the American Tinnitus Association in their commitment to assist patients with tinnitus and help them find relief. This partnership underscores why hearing aids like Phonak Lyric are a viable treatment option for those with tinnitus. It also reinforces Phonak’s commitment to organizations that advance research, education, advocacy and awareness for the hearing health community.”
–Kelly Wassell, the Director of Marketing for Phonak Lyric
“Research shows that hearing aids can improve a patient’s quality of life by addressing hearing loss and utilizing masking functions that make tinnitus less intrusive,” said Torryn Brazell, chief executive officer of the ATA, referencing tinnitus practice guidelines released in 2014 by the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation. “We’re proud to be able to partner with Phonak Lyric, a company that shares our vision of improving patients’ lives through improved technology, research, and working with healthcare professionals who understand the challenges of tinnitus,” Brazell said.
By partnering with the ATA, Phonak will support the non-profit’s initiatives that directly improve the lives of tinnitus patients, as well as the skills of their healthcare providers:
The Tinnitus Advisors Program (TinnAP™), the only U.S.-based patient program offering tinnitus guidance seven days a week from licensed professionals specialized in tinnitus management.
Funding of tinnitus seed grant research, which lays the groundwork for significant breakthroughs in treatments and possible cures.
1 Henry, J.A., McMillan, G., Dann, S., Bennett, K., Griest, S., Theodoroff, S., Silverman, SP., Whichard, S., & Saunders, G. (2017).Tinnitus Management: Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Extended-Wear Hearing Aids, Conventional Hearing Aids, and Combination Instruments. Journal of the American Academy of Audiology. 28(6): 546-561.
About the ATA
The core purpose of the American Tinnitus Association is to promote relief, prevent, and find cures for tinnitus, evidenced by its core values of compassion, credibility, and responsibility.
The leading cause of tinnitus is exposure to loud sound that damages an individual’s auditory system; the second leading cause is head or neck trauma. Tinnitus also is the leading service-connected disability for U.S. veterans. The ATA is almost exclusively funded by individual donors to fulfil its critical mission. Please donate and/or consider becoming a member so the ATA can continue to improve the quality of life for those living with tinnitus and to educate the public on its prevention. See for more information.
If your tinnitus is causing you distress, getting help is crucial. Call the ATA at 1-800-634-8978, if you need general guidance on tinnitus management and seeking care.
About Phonak
Headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland, Phonak, a member of the Sonova Group, was created in 1947 out of a passion for taking on the most difficult hearing challenges. Seventy years later, this passion remains. As the industry’s leading innovator, we offer the broadest portfolio of life-changing hearing solutions. From pediatric to profound hearing loss, we remain committed to creating hearing solutions that change people’s lives to thrive socially and emotionally. We believe in creating a world where ‘Life is on’ for everyone.
At Phonak, we believe that hearing well is essential to living life to the fullest. For more than 70 years, we have remained true to our mission by developing pioneering hearing solutions that change people’s lives to thrive socially and emotionally. Life is on.

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