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Starkey’s Brandon Sawalich Issues Statement Regarding President Biden’s Competition Executive Council Announcement

Starkey President and CEO, Brandon Sawalich has issued a statement following comments from President Biden regarding the Competition Executive Council. 

In releasing the statement, shown below, Starkey reiterated that the company “supports increasing hearing aid accessibility, but not at the cost of patient safety”.

“Hearing aids are a medical device. They are built with the technology of a medical device and regulated as such by the FDA. I have been in the hearing healthcare industry for nearly 30 years, and competition in this market has never been stronger. Hearing aids are manufactured by more than 80 FDA registered companies, and manufacturers continue to not only push the limits of hearing aid technology for the betterment of the patient, but each offers devices at a variety of price points. Starkey has, and will continue to, support an increased access to hearing healthcare. Since 2017, when Congress created this new category of OTC hearing aids, Starkey has worked tirelessly to ensure these new devices protect patient safety and satisfaction.  

“Unfortunately, at the behest of a few consumer electronics companies putting profit over patients, this administration is trying to commoditize a hearing aid as a consumer electronics device.  

“I would welcome the opportunity to meet with President Biden and his team on this issue. As a leader in the hearing industry for more than 50 years, all of us at Starkey look forward to working with his administration toward one common goal of helping people hear better.” 

Brandon Sawalich

President & CEO 


Mr. Sawalich recently discussed his perspective on OTC devices and the potential of future Medicare coverage of hearing aids, with Dr. Bob Traynor.

The interview can be viewed below: 

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