airpods 3 hearables spatial audio

Apple Unveils AirPods 3 – with Spatial Audio, Adaptive EQ and Head Tracking

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA — Apple today confirmed weeks of speculation by unveiling the third generation of AirPods featuring a new design, along with spatial audio. By combining the H1 chip with an Apple-designed acoustic system, the new AirPods use computational audio to deliver premium sound with Adaptive EQ. Users can enjoy spatial audio featuring Dolby Atmos…

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apple hearing study data release

Apple Releases Data From Hearing Study, Offering New Insights Into Hearing Health

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA — The Apple Hearing Study is sharing new data from thousands of participants across the US in an effort to help people better understand their hearing health. The Apple Hearing Study is one of the studies launched within the Research app that are helping democratize how medical research is conducted by giving Apple…

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apple facetime sign language detection

Apple’s iOS 14 Adds Sound Recognition Safety Feature; Sign Language Detection

In addition to the newly announced spatial audio and personalized amplification for AirPods in the latest Apple iOS 14 update, other beneficial features for people who are Deaf and hard of hearing have also been added. These new features include a “Sound Recognition” safety function and a sign language detection feature for FaceTime group chat.…

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airpods hearing aid feature ios14

AirPods Get New Spatial Audio and Personal Amplification Features in iOS 14

Today marked the start of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) where updates to the operating systems that run the iPhone, iPad and various other Apple products are typically revealed. Last year, the company unveiled an updated health app that now includes a “hearing health” section and features to detect harmful noise exposures and alert the user.…

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airpods sales hearables

AirPods Poised to Become Apple’s 3rd Largest Business by 2021

According to Bernstein analyst, Toni Sacconaghi, sales of Apple’s AirPods could balloon to 85 million in 2020, generating approximately $15 billion in revenue for the company. Sales of the popular wireless earbuds this year had already doubled over 2018, reaching $6 billion in sales by the end of 2019. AirPods have grown to become one…

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amazon alexa earbuds

Reports: Amazon Set to Unveil Alexa-Powered Wireless Earbuds to Rival AirPods

UPDATE: On September 25, Amazon announced the company’s attempt to break into the wireless earbud space with ‘Echo Buds’ truly wireless earbuds, featuring noise reduction technology from Bose. At a price set below rival Apple’s popular AirPods, Amazon hopes to take market share and increase adoption of its popular voice assistance, Alexa. Read more about…

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apple watch noise level decibels

Apple Unveils New Apps and Upgrades Geared Toward Persons with Hearing Loss

June 3rd marks the start of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference where updates to the operating systems that run the iPhone, iPad and various other Apple products are revealed. During this week-long event, Apple is also expected to unveil several new apps for the Apple Watch, including ones that have new health tracking applications, as well…

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HHTM Hearing News Round-up: This Week’s Notable Stories

It’s AAA week in Columbus, Ohio and as audiologists attending the meeting walk the expo floor they will be exposed to an unprecedented number of smartphone apps, voice-activated technology, rechargeable devices, not to mention an assortment of implantable and hybrid products that could help expand the marketplace demand for hearing care professionals. If you can’t…

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apple airpods 2 upgrades

With Expanded Media Offerings, It’s Showtime Again at Apple. Will New AirPods be Part of Upcoming Announcement?

According to consumer electronic industry reports, Apple will hold an event on March 25th. They are expected to announce its long-rumored TV streaming and Apple News subscription services. Rumors of an event at the end of March began last month, saying that the company will reportedly focus exclusively on services. Although, some insiders suggest it…

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