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Is 2016 the Year of the Hearable? Status of Apple and Samsung Gadgets

With launch details recently reported by the fashion technology website,, Apple and Samsung have plans to launch their own hearables. Samsung recently gave us a glimpse of their latest gadget, the Gear IconX, as reported by HHTM in early May. However, we now have more details from the company about what the devices will have to offer,…

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Apple Receives Patent for Headphones Using Bone Conduction to Improve Hearing in Noise

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA — Tech industry titan, Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL), was awarded a patent this week by the US Trademark Office for a headset that utilizes bone conduction to deliver improved hearing in the presence of ambient noise. The patent, #9,363,596, was originally filed in 2013. The earphone device uses an accelerometer-based voice activation detection…

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Will Samsung’s new IconX, and Apple’s Rumored Wireless Earpods, Disrupt Hearing Aid Industry Further in 2016?

Last week the world caught its first glimpse of Samsung’s new IconX hearable device. The leaked images, but scant details, spread across the tech world like wildfire. It appears that Samsung is ready to go toe-to-toe with Apple if the tech giant decides to make the rumored, but radical, decision to ditch the headphone/audio jack…

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New Acoustic Biometric Tech Recognizes Unique Shape of Individual’s Ears

TOKYO, JAPAN – The NEC Corporation announced that it has developed a new type of biometric identification technology, which recognizes individuals based on the acoustic resonance of the ear, according to a March 7 press release. The technology, says the company, instantaneously measures the unique acoustic characteristics of an individual’s ear in approximately one second.…

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New app makes ReSound’s LiNX hearing aids compatible with Apple Watch

    COPENHAGEN–GN ReSound, which last February became the first manufacturer to offer a hearing aid, the ReSound LiNX, that allowed wearers to stream audio directly from their Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to their hearing aid without need for a separate intermediary device, has introduced a new hearing aid app designed specifically for…

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Online media learn the old news about world’s first made-for-iPhone hearing aid

COPENHAGEN–It was all over the web this week and last: GN ReSound will be introducing the world’s first Made for iPhone hearing aid in the first quarter of 2014. So reported Reuters, followed by PC,,,,, and well over 100 other online news outlets. Certainly this is a big story, but…

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Dispenser who developed HearPod hearing aids sues Apple for trademark violation

By David H. Kirkwood HONOLULU–In a match-up that might seem like David v. Goliath (or possibly Betts v. Bieber), a small company in Honolulu is taking on Apple, Inc., the world’s second largest information technology company with annual revenues of over $150 billion. In the suit, filed March 28 in Hawaii District Court in Honolulu, Randolph…

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Blogger gets the scoop on Made for iPhone hearing aids coming your way soon

By Holly Hosford-Dunn PHOENIX–Blogging lived up to its name last week. Starkey’s new “Made for iPhone” hearing aid platform was unveiled, apparently prematurely, in a special student workshop at this year’s Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) conference in Phoenix. Those sessions were marked “students only,” and it seems that an audiology student took good…

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New iPhone app is said to improve users’ hearing through targeted sound exposure

By David H. Kirkwood LOS ANGELES–If you are among those who rushed out this month to get the new iPhone 5, the Apple App Store offers you more than 450,000 different apps to choose from in deciding which ones to download onto your iPhone.  One of the newest—and most unusual—is the Better Hearing app, which,…

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