ohio deaf history month

Ohio Bill, Already Passed in State Senate, Seeks Recognition of Deaf History Month

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Deaf History Month, which is celebrated nationally from March 13 through April 15, could soon get formal recognition in the state of Ohio. Senate Bill 27, introduced by Senator Bill Beagle, has already received approval by the Ohio Senate and now moves to the House floor for a vote. Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing…

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deaf starbucks

New Malaysian Starbucks to be Staffed by Deaf Baristas

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Global coffee giant, Starbucks, has announced that it will be opening a café in Malaysia that is dedicated to employing baristas who are Deaf or hard of hearing.The new café will be open to all customers, not just the Deaf and hard of hearing community. In what is likely a first…

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Marlee Matlin to Make Broadway Debut in Deaf West’s “Spring Awakening”

NEW YORK — Actress Marlee Matlin will make her Broadway debut in the upcoming Deaf West production of Spring Awakening this fall at the Brooks Atkinson Theater in New York. Previews will begin on September 8th and will be performed simultaneously in English and American Sign Language (ASL). Matlin, who has starred in a number of well known television series and movies,…

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Wells Fargo ad with two “mommies” adopting a deaf child creates lots of buzz

    By David H. Kirkwood SAN FRANCISCO—For decades, advertising, especially television and print campaigns aimed at a broad national audience, has been an accurate barometer of public attitudes in America toward various minority groups. In casting models and actors—or selecting “real people” to appear as themselves—for ads, agencies try to present people that the…

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Deaf plaintiffs accuse NYC Starbucks of blatant discrimination

NEW YORK–Since its founding in Seattle 42 years, Starbucks Coffee has grown into the largest chain of coffeehouses in the world, with more than 20,000 stores in more than 60 countries. It has also built an enviable reputation as a progressive, socially conscious company with one of the most admired brands in the business world.…

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