Researchers Identify Genetic Variant Linked to Increased Hearing Loss Risk with Cisplatin Treatment

A University of Alberta research lab has helped identify a genetic variant that increases the risk of hearing loss in children with cancer who are treated with the widely used drug cisplatin. Amit Bhavsar, assistant professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology & Immunology and Canada Research Chair in Functional Genomic Medicine, led the U of A…

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relationship centered counseling brian taylor

Relationship-Centered Consultation Skills for Audiologists: Remote and In-Person Care

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — As hearing aid technology becomes more automated and easier to use for persons with hearing loss, the need for humanistic interactions with a professional is more important than ever. Relationship-Centered Consultation Skills for Audiologists: Remote and In-Person Care is a how-to guide for clinicians who want to provide evidence-based, holistic care…

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Audigy Announces New Senior Leadership Roles

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON — With an ear to the future and a 17-year foundation of growth, Audigy, part of the GN Group, today announces key changes to its executive team as founder and CEO Brandon Dawson retires from the company after nearly two decades of groundbreaking innovation. Longtime president Mason Walker, who has helped build the…

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signia student university audiology

Signia Student University Offers Interactive Sessions for Audiology Students

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY – To connect with and provide expert advice to the next generation of audiologists, Signia today announced that it is holding a virtual Signia Student University (SSU) event from August 2 – August 6, 2021. The program is free to register for all students in audiology doctorate programs, immersing them in in-depth,…

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hearing loss dementia

Difficulty Hearing Speech May be Risk Factor for Dementia, According to Large New Study

According to the World Health Organization, hearing loss affects around 1.5 billion individuals worldwide, and there is growing evidence that this could increase the risk of dementia. A major component of hearing loss is difficulty hearing speech in noisy environments (speech-in-noise hearing impairment). This can have a large impact on the day-to-day functioning of affected…

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starkey hearing

Brandon Sawalich Pens Letter to President Biden on OTC Hearing Aids

U.S. President Joe Biden recently released a comprehensive executive order detailing many initiatives related to the U.S. economy. Among these was a section that addresses the rules on the classification of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. The President directed the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to “consider issuing proposed rules within 120 days for…

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Oticon’s Henning Falster to Retire After 47 Years

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY – Henning Falster, Director of Meetings and Events for Oticon, Inc., known for his flawlessly planned and executed professional conferences and events, announced he will retire in August after 47 years with Oticon. During his tenure, Falster has been a driving force in establishing a gold standard for Oticon’s professional conferences and…

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Hypertension Drug Prevents Tumor-Induced Hearing Loss in Mouse Model

BOSTON, MASSACHUSSETTS – New research led by investigators at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Massachusetts Eye and Ear indicates that the blood pressure drug losartan may benefit patients with neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2), a hereditary condition associated with vestibular schwannomas, or noncancerous tumors along the nerves in the brain that are involved with hearing and balance. The…

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sertoma oticon scholarship

With Grant from Oticon, Sertoma Awards $5,000 in Scholarships to Students with Hearing Loss

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY – A $5,000 grant from Oticon, Inc. has enabled Sertoma Inc. to award five $1,000 college scholarships to students with hearing loss. Oticon has been a proud supporter of the Sertoma Scholarship for the Hard of Hearing or Deaf, the nation’s leading scholarship program for students with hearing loss, since its inception…

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sonova hearing brands

Sonova Appoints New Management Board Members; Martin Grieder Named GVP of New Consumer Hearing Division

STAFA, SWITZERLAND – Sonova Holding AG has announced that Robert Woolley has been appointed GVP Hearing Instruments and member of the Management Board, effective April 1, 2022. With his appointment, the Group will combine the Research & Development, Wholesale and Marketing functions of its Hearing Instruments (HI) business under one leadership. At the same time,…

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