bone anchored awareness day

First Ever Bone Anchored Awareness Day Set for May 3rd

Oticon Medical is launching an annual recurring awareness day, Good Vibrations Day, to celebrate and raise awareness about bone anchored hearing as a treatment. Today, more than 250,000 people from all over the globe use some form of bone conduction hearing device. May 3 is meant to celebrate them and the treatment—regardless of brand—by providing…

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cochlear osia implant system

New Cochlear Osia 2 Hearing Implant System Receives FDA Clearance

CENTENNIAL, COLORADO— Cochlear Limited (ASX: COH), the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, has announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance of the new Cochlear™ Osia® 2 System. The Osia System is “the world’s first active osseointegrated steady-state implant (OSI), a new category of bone conduction hearing solutions” that uses digital piezoelectric stimulation…

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bone conduction implant med el

MED-EL USA Announces Launch of Second Generation Bone Conduction Implant BONEBRIDGE BCI 602

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA – MED-EL USA announced the launch of the BCI 602, the second generation implant for the company’s BONEBRIDGE Bone Conduction Implant System at OSSEO2019: the 7th International Congress on Bone Conduction Hearing and Related Technologies in Miami Beach, Fla. BCI 602 availability is expected in January 2020. According to the company’s press release,…

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CMS plans to end Medicare coverage of bone-anchored hearing systems

By David H. Kirkwood   This post was updated on July 31. CENTENNIAL, CO—People with hearing loss have long complained that Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of hearing aids. Now, older Americans who need help with their hearing face the loss of coverage for another type of treatment, osseo-integrated (or bone-anchored) devices, such as the Cochlear™…

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Bone-conduction system makes people hear—willingly or not

    CANNES, FRANCE–Bone-conduction devices are most often used to help people who want to hear better but aren’t good candidates for conventional air-conduction hearing aids. This technology, which has been around since the 1970s, is frequently prescribed to people with conductive or unilateral hearing loss or who have abnormalities of the outer ear that…

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Cochlear Americas names scholarship winners

CENTENNIAL, CO—Eight college students who use implantable technology to overcome hearing loss will receive $2000-a-year scholarships from Cochlear Americas for up to four years at an accredited college or university. Cochlear Americas is the North American division of Cochlear Limited, the Australian company that is the world’s largest manufacturer of cochlear implants. Five students were…

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