Being Audiologist Less Stressful than Being Librarian, Says CareerCast

Audiology has yet again landed in the top 10 “Least Stressful” jobs for another year. Out of more than 200 jobs, puts audiology at number 8 in 2016, with a job stress score of 9.3 out of a scale of 1 to 85. Somehow, inexplicably, scoring as less stressful than librarian (whose stress score is 10.58).…

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Audiologists Have Best Job in America, Says Time Magazine

NEW YORK—The profession of Audiology was recently spotlighted among the best jobs in America. According to the editor’s at Time magazine, Audiologist claimed this year’s #1 spot as the best job in America. In the June 25 article, Time’s Maya Rhodan wrote that to determine this year’s “best job”, the magazine analyzed data collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)…

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Audiology climbs the Best Career ladder–from ninth in 2011 to sixth this year

CARLSBAD, CA—Audiology is rated as the sixth best career for 2012, according to an article published last week in The Wall Street Journal (April 11, page B6). The annual ranking of America’s 200 best (and worst) occupations was compiled by the California-based This year’s list promoted audiology three notches from the ninth spot in…

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