cochlear implant telehealth services

Telehealth Services Lead to Improved Empowerment for CI Recipients

Adult cochlear implant (CI) recipients are known to require several hours of “face time” with an audiologist following surgical intervention. In addition to mapping the CI, audiologists spend a considerable amount of time on CI orientation, review of CI accessories and other important counseling-related activities. Unquestionably, these are vital components of follow-up care that lead…

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cochlear implant surgery fda

In Survey, 78% of Cochlear Implant Surgeons Indicate they are Conducting Implantation Outside of Current FDA Labeling

A recently published study suggests that US physicians are performing cochlear implantation for a number of conditions that are considered “off-label” of the current FDA labeling indications for implantation. The existing FDA indications for cochlear implantation, as pointed out in an article on the study in ENT Today, date back nearly two decades and cover…

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cochlear implant outreach

As Cochlear Implant Technology Improves, Better Outreach is Needed

As over-the-counter hearing aids and their intended users – adults with mild to moderate hearing loss — continue to generate headlines, the under-utilization of cochlear implants remains largely overlooked. Reports indicate that just under 8% of adults with severe-to-profound hearing loss have received a cochlear implant (CI), a technology with proven outcomes for those who…

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cochlear sensorion hearing loss drug sens 401

Cochlear Ltd Announces Research Study Collaboration, and $1.9M Placement, with Sensorion

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Hearing implant maker, Cochlear Ltd, announced a strategic collaboration with French biotech firm, Sensorion. The collaboration will examine therapeutic approaches using Sensorion’s investigative drug, SENS-401, in combination with cochlear implants. According to the press release, the preclinical studies will be initiated in 2018, with possible clinical trials beginining as early as 2019.…

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iotamotion cochlear implant robot surgery

Medical Device Startup, iotaMotion, Announces Scientific Advisory Board Formation For Robotic-Assisted Cochlear Technologies

IOWA CITY, IOWA — iotaMotion, a medical device company developing advanced robotic systems for cochlear implant surgery, announced the formation of its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). Included among the members of the new board, are Craig A. Buchman, M.D., and J. Thomas Roland Jr., M.D., two renowned cochlear implant surgeons, who will join Dr. Bruce…

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Using Laser Light to Restore Sound: Researchers Develop Optical Cochlear Implant

European engineers from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria have invented a new type of cochlear implant. Unlike traditional cochlear implants that stimulate auditory nerves with electrical fields, the prototype device uses laser pulses to trigger auditory signals from hair cells in the inner ear. The benefit, say the researchers, is a much more focused device that…

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cochlear implant remote programming telehealth

Remote Programming via Telemedicine Approved for Cochlear Implants

Telemedicine appears to be gaining some traction within audiology circles, as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved a remote feature for follow-up programming sessions for the Nucleus Cochlear Implant System on November 17. The remote programming feature is indicated for patients who have had six months of experience with their cochlear implant sound processor…

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sonova phonak unitron hearing aids

Sonova Reports Strong Fiscal Year Results; Says 2.4 GHz Technology Coming Soon

STAEFA, SWITZERLAND — Major hearing instrument manufacturer Sonova, reported a 3 percent rise in full-year profit for 2016/17 and also confirmed that it will soon be releasing 2.4 GHz, direct-to-iPhone, capable hearing aids and cochlear implants. Additionally, the significant drop in sales the company had experienced in Germany following the Sonova’s purchase of AudioNova last…

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nurotron cochlear implant

Chinese Cochlear Implant Maker, Nurotron Biotechnology, Expands into Europe

HANGZHOU, CHINA — Chinese cochlear implant maker, Nurotron Biotechnology, announced last month that it has expanded into the European market, with the recent implantation of a Spanish man and a Polish woman. The company now has a presence in 9 countries throughout Asia, Latin America and now, Europe. Following implantation surgery at the Medical University…

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wilson cochlear implant

Cochlear Implant Researcher and Developer, Blake Wilson, Elected to the National Academy of Engineering

WASHINGTON, DC — Duke University professor, Blake S. Wilson, PhD, who helped invent many of the sound-processing strategies used in modern cochlear implants, has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE). Election to the NAE is among the highest professional distinctions afforded to an engineer. NAE membership honors individuals that have made outstanding…

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