sonic attack canada lawsuit

Canadian Diplomats Sue Government for $28 Million Over Illnesses Related to Sonic Attacks

TORONTO, CANADA — According to media reports this week, several Canadian diplomats that suffered mysterious illnesses due to the purported sonic attacks while serving in Havana, Cuba, are suing their government for ignoring or attempting to cover up information about their symptoms, as well as waiting too long to remove them from the country.  In…

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HHTM Hearing News Round-up: Notable Stories This Week

Before you deep fry that turkey or candy those yams, take a few minutes to catch up on some noteworthy news items of professional interest.   New Study Suggests Sparse Real-World Differences Between Basic and Premium Technology   A new peer reviewed study, published-ahead-of-print at Ear and Hearing suggests older adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss…

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inner ear

While a Mysterious Part of the Ear is Revealed, Origin of Aural Attacks Continues to Baffle

The ceaseless march of technological progress in hearing science continues to amaze, yet mysteries of the ear still abound. Two recent headlines in the news show that as some questions get answered, others remain open. A study published June 19 in eLife, revealed a unique biological mechanism for maintaining fluid pressure and composition involving the…

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china acoustic attack cuba

US Diplomat in China Reports Medical Symptoms Consistent with “Sonic Attack”

WASHINGTON, DC — A US government employee stationed in China has reported medical symptoms “entirely consistent” to those experienced last year by US diplomats stationed in Havana, Cuba. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, said the worker’s symptoms and reports of abnormal sensations of sound and pressure are “very similar” to the experience of US…

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cuba sonic attack ultrasound distortion

Were Ultrasound and Intermodulation Distortion Part of Cuban Sonic Attacks?

Ultrasound emitters are all around us. Sensors in energy-efficient buildings, rodent repelling devices, burglar alarms, security cameras, HVAC system vibrations are some of the areas ultrasonic is used. Also, it might have been used, according to a University of Michigan scientist, in the sonic attacks in Cuba that sickened dozens of American and Canadians. Kevin…

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cuba sonic attack jama report

JAMA Report on Cuba Sonic Attacks: Persistent Symptoms from Unusual Sounds Remains a Mystery

For nearly a year, between late 2016 and August 2017, several U.S. government personnel serving on diplomatic assignment in Havana, Cuba, reported unusual symptoms associated with exposure to a mysterious auditory phenomenon. Hearing Watch covered the initial reports here:   US Diplomats in Cuba Mysteriously Suffer Severe Hearing Loss; Investigators Suspect Covert Sonic Weapon Used…

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cuba acoustic attack

Expert Weighs in on Recent Acoustic Attack in Cuba

On August 10, HHTM reported several Americans at the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba began suffering from unexplained medical symptoms late last year. That report cited a Washington Post article, which described the situation as an “acoustic attack” on Americans at the Embassy in Havana. According to several subsequent follow up reports in the press,…

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cuba sonic weapon hearing loss

UPDATE: US Diplomats in Cuba Mysteriously Suffer Severe Hearing Loss; Investigators Suspect Covert Sonic Weapon Used

HAVANA, CUBA — The U.S. State Department recently expelled two Cuban diplomats in May, after several Americans at the US Embassy in Havana began suffering from unexplained medical symptoms late last year. According to a report from The Washington Post, a small number of Americans began reporting symptoms in the fall of 2016 and some…

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