Plural Publishing Releases Second Edition of Deaf Culture: Exploring Deaf Communities in the United States

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – A contemporary and vibrant Deaf culture is found within Deaf communities, including Deaf Persons of Color and those who are DeafDisabled and DeafBlind. Taking a more people-centered view, the second edition of Deaf Culture: Exploring Deaf Communities in the United States critically examines how Deaf culture fits into education, psychology, cultural…

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india deaf amazon

Amazon India Creates Silent Delivery Station, Managed by Deaf Employees

MUMBAI, INDIA — The world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, has announced the launch of a so-called ‘Silent Delivery Station’ in Mumbai, India, managed almost entirely by Deaf employees. In collaboration with Mirakle Couriers, Amazon says the move is designed to empower and support diverse communities in the country by creating job opportunities. According to the…

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ohio deaf history month

Ohio Bill, Already Passed in State Senate, Seeks Recognition of Deaf History Month

COLUMBUS, OHIO – Deaf History Month, which is celebrated nationally from March 13 through April 15, could soon get formal recognition in the state of Ohio. Senate Bill 27, introduced by Senator Bill Beagle, has already received approval by the Ohio Senate and now moves to the House floor for a vote. Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing…

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deaf starbucks

New Malaysian Starbucks to be Staffed by Deaf Baristas

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Global coffee giant, Starbucks, has announced that it will be opening a café in Malaysia that is dedicated to employing baristas who are Deaf or hard of hearing.The new café will be open to all customers, not just the Deaf and hard of hearing community. In what is likely a first…

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Marlee Matlin to Make Broadway Debut in Deaf West’s “Spring Awakening”

NEW YORK — Actress Marlee Matlin will make her Broadway debut in the upcoming Deaf West production of Spring Awakening this fall at the Brooks Atkinson Theater in New York. Previews will begin on September 8th and will be performed simultaneously in English and American Sign Language (ASL). Matlin, who has starred in a number of well known television series and movies,…

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Phyllis Frelich dies; deaf actress won the Tony Award for Children of a Lesser God

TEMPLE CITY, CA–Phyllis Frelich, whose Tony Award-winning performance in the 1980 Broadway play Children of a Lesser God increased public awareness and understanding of how deaf people lead their lives, died on April at her home here near Los Angeles. She was 70 years of age. The play about the tumultuous romance and marriage of…

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Deaf plaintiffs accuse NYC Starbucks of blatant discrimination

NEW YORK–Since its founding in Seattle 42 years, Starbucks Coffee has grown into the largest chain of coffeehouses in the world, with more than 20,000 stores in more than 60 countries. It has also built an enviable reputation as a progressive, socially conscious company with one of the most admired brands in the business world.…

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Advocacy groups rally behind disputed deaf-friendly housing project in Arizona

By David H. Kirkwood The National Association of the Deaf, joined by more than 75 other national and state advocacy groups for people with hearing loss, wrote last week to Shaun Donovan
, secretary of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
 (HUD), urging that “quotas” not be imposed on the number of people with hearing…

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Deafness can’t deter couple from achieving a lifelong dream

SAN FRANCISCO—Readers of this blog who live or visit San Francisco might want to check out Mozzeria, an unusual pizza and pasta restaurant in the Mission District. What’s unusual about it? Well, for one thing, along with pizza Margherita and pomodoro, there’s also a roast duck pizza with hoisin sauce. And the pasta dishes include…

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Early hearing detection meeting draws protest by opponents of “audism”

ST. LOUIS-To most people familiar with early detection of hearing loss and early intervention, these approaches to treating babies born deaf or hard-of-hearing are like motherhood and apple pie. After all, in less than 20 years, the movement to address hearing loss as young as possible has made it routine that babies born in the…

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