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SafKan Health Appoints Hearing Industry Veteran, Jackie Phillips, as Vice President of Sales

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON – SafKan Health, a medical device company that has developed OtoSet® – the first automated and FDA cleared ear cleaning device for the 35 million Americans affected by impacted earwax, today announced the appointment of audiology sales veteran Jackie Phillips, AuD as Vice President of Sales.  Dr. Phillips brings over 20 years of…

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California Legislation Would Authorize Hearing Aid Dispensers to Conduct Cerumen Management and Tympanometry

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — If a bill recently introduced into the California state senate by senator Cathleen Galgiani (District 05) becomes law, hearing aid dispensers in the state will be allowed to conduct cerumen management (earwax removal) and tympanometry. The bill, SB-198, is said to only authorize cerumen management for hearing aid dispensers under physician and/or…

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Earwax May Hold Potential for Robotics and Other High Tech Applications

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — A doctoral student from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Alexis Noel, believes that earwax could potentially be a template for the development of adhesives for applied usage in technology, such as robotics and other machinery. According to an article in Science Daily, Noel became inspired to study earwax following an event that…

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Put Down the Q-Tips! AAO-HNS Issues Updated Best Practice Guidelines on Wax Removal

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA — The American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS) published an updated clinical practice guideline this week on the diagnosis and treatment of cerumen (earwax) impaction. Additionally, the updated guidelines offer important patient information on the “dos and don’ts” of managing earwax and healthy ear care.   “This update is significant because…

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Professional Ear Cleaners in China Seek Govt recognition of their Trade as “Intangible Cultural Heritage”

CHENGDU, CHINA – in the Sichuan province of southwestern China, a group of 30 professional ear cleaners are campaigning for the government to recognize their centuries-old trade as an Intangible Cultural Heritage, according to a recent report by the Daily Mail and People’s Daily. The traditional practice of ear cleaning, a practice that has been conducted…

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