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Look, Ma, No Cords! Apple launches iPhone 7 and Wireless AirPods

CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA — Maybe it’s not the show stopping event it was in the ‘00’s when Steve Jobs was at the helm, but when Apple launches a new product people tend to pay attention. Apple’s latest launch of several new product upgrades, including the new iPhone 7, was announced at 10 am PDT on September…

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Survey finds that nearly half of U.S. teens show danger signs for hearing loss

PISCATAWAY, NJ—An alarming one out of every six American teenagers, or 17%, reports experiencing ringing, roaring, buzzing, or pain in their ears “often or all of the time” after listening to loud music or being exposed to power tools and other sources of loud noise. An additional 29%–for a total of 46%, close to half–report sometimes…

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Study finds that excessive headphone use can make young adults hear like their elders

NEW YORK—There have been many warnings and anecdotal reports recently about the damage that listening to headphones can inflict on the human auditory system. Now, there are some hard data from America’s largest city showing that the warnings are justified. According to Hearing Problems and Headphone Use in New York City, a document released July…

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