New Study Examines Why Americans Pay More for Healthcare

The blanket term used to describe hearing instrument specialists, audiologists and even otolaryngologists is hearing healthcare professional.  As the term implies, each of these professions is part of the greater healthcare sector of the economy. Hence, a recent study examining the drivers of cost in the American healthcare system should be of interest to everyone…

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hearing loss task force new jersey

New Jersey Lawmakers Approve Task Force to Study Hearing Loss Services

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY — Lawmakers in the New Jersey state Assembly approved a proposal late last week to establish a task force to examine state services and support offered to residents that are deaf and hard of hearing. The measure had been previously approved by the state Senate this summer and will now need the…

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insurance coverage for hearing aids lawsuit

Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Health Insurers Discriminate by Not Covering Hearing Aids; Outcome Could Set National Precedent

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON — According to a report in the Yakima Herald, a Seattle law firm has filed suit against two health insurance companies due to the companies not covering treatment for hearing loss. The suit alleges that the exclusion of hearing loss treatment constitutes illegal discrimination under federal law. The outcome of the case could…

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buchanan cosponsor hearing aid bill

Florida Congressman the Latest to Co-Sponsor OTC Legislation, Despite Negative Ad Campaign Targeting GOP Supporters

LONGBOAT KEY, FLORIDA — Congressman Vern Buchanan announced yesterday in a press release that he has co-sponsored the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act to help make hearing aids more affordable for seniors. In the announcement the congressman noted how approximately 50 million people in the US have hearing loss, which is a problem that is particularly…

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nasem hearing aid accessibility meeting

Upcoming NASEM Meeting Continues Discussion on Affordability and Accessibility of Hearing Care

On Friday, June 9th the National Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) will convene a full day meeting devoted to accessible and affordable hearing care for adults. The meeting will begin at 9 am EDT and is a continuation of the December 7 NASEM meeting focused on this topic. You can attend the June…

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high price of hearing aids

Article Takes Aim at Cost as Main Barrier to Hearing Aid Use

In an article primarily aimed at otolaryngologists, two leading audiology researchers made the case that cost is not the primary barrier of low hearing aid uptake. The brief article, published online last week by JAMA-Otolaryngology, was authored by Michael Valente of Washington University School of Medicine and Amyn Amlani of the University of Arkansas-Little Rock.…

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maine hearing aid insurance coverage

Maine Legislators Considering Hearing Aid Insurance Coverage for All

AUGUSTA, MAINE — A state legislator in Maine has proposed that the state require insurance plans cover hearing aids for people of all ages. Representative Jim Handy, a Democrat from Lewiston, proposed a bill in which insurers would be required to pay up to $3,000 per hearing aid to those that need them. The bill, which…

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hearing aid insurance fraud

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Father and Son in $16 Million Dollar Hearing Aid Insurance Fraud Scheme

DALLAS, TEXAS — A federal grand jury indicted a Texas father and son this week in what is being alleged as a $16.7 million dollar insurance scam targeting American Airlines workers. Licensed hearing aid dispensers, Terry Anderson, 66, and Rocky Anderson, 36, were each charged on 15 federal counts by the U.S. attorney for the…

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georgia hearing aid bill

Children’s Hearing Aid Bill Overwhelmingly Passes Georgia House and Senate, Awaits Governor’s Signature

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — A bill that would require insurance companies in the state of Georgia to cover hearing aids for children was approved late last month by the state Senate by a margin of 47-6. A prior version of the bill had already passed in the state House by 155-5. Now, the legislation heads to…

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