hearing aid apprenticeship

National Guideline Standards for Hearing Aid Specialists Reinstated by US Labor Department

On May 24th, the United States Department of Labor (DOL), Office of Apprenticeship, announced it has reissued to the International Hearing Society (IHS) its Certificate for new National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards for the occupation of Hearing Aid Specialist. According to an IHS press release, the program’s reinstatement marks it as the first federally-recognized and…

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hearing aid dispensers earwax removal

California Legislation Would Authorize Hearing Aid Dispensers to Conduct Cerumen Management and Tympanometry

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — If a bill recently introduced into the California state senate by senator Cathleen Galgiani (District 05) becomes law, hearing aid dispensers in the state will be allowed to conduct cerumen management (earwax removal) and tympanometry. The bill, SB-198, is said to only authorize cerumen management for hearing aid dispensers under physician and/or…

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congress passes fit to serve bill

Fit To Serve Bill Moves to Senate with Revised Language

WASHINGTON, DC — Earlier this week the U.S House of Representatives passed the Veterans Mobility Safety Act of 2015 (HR 3471), a bill designed to improve access to hearing care services for veterans. The revised bill now goes to the Senate for deliberation. In the original version of the bill hearing instrument specialists would have…

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gn resound loses costco hearing aid contract

Hearing Aid Industry Update: GN Loses Costco Contract; Demant Implements Cost-Cutting

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Major hearing aid manufacturer GN Hearing (GN ReSound), announced this past week in its Q2 Interim Report, to the surprise of many industry insiders, that it has lost its contract with Costco as the supplier of its Kirkland Signature-branded hearing aids. The company, which has managed to continue increasing its market share across…

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hearing aid scam prison

New York Dispenser to Serve 4 to 12 Years for Hearing Aid Scam

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK – Joshua Miller, a licensed New York hearing aid dispenser and owner of Syracuse Hearing Aid Centers, LLC, has plead guilty to first and second degree grand larceny. Miller will now spend the next 4 to 12 years in prison for his crimes. In November 2015, Miller was indicted by a grand jury…

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hearing aid dispenser arrested

New York Hearing Aid Dispenser Arrested Over Billing Fraud Scheme

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK — A licensed New York hearing aid dispenser and owner of Syracuse Hearing Aid Centers, LLC, was arrested Monday morning on charges that he operated a criminal scheme. According to a news release on November 23rd, the business is alleged to have fraudulently billed more than $1.6 million by selling public employees…

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ihs veteran

IHS Launches “Appreciation Week for Our Warriors” to Promote VA Legislation

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN — The International Hearing Society (IHS) is launching their nationwide campaign on Monday: Appreciation Week for Our Warriors. The campaign coincides with Veterans Day, on November 11th, and IHS has asked its members for help this week in promoting the organization’s ongoing push to pass the Fit to Serve legislation through congress. Each day this week IHS has…

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IHS Sees Benefit to New DOL Certification for Apprenticeship Guideline Standards

LIVONIA, MICHIGAN – The International Hearing Society (IHS) announced that it has received Certification of the new National Guidelines for Apprenticeship Standards for the Hearing Aid Specialist occupation from the US Department of Labor (DOL), Office of Apprenticeship. According to IHS, the newly registered apprenticeship program will provide a path for standardized training for Hearing Aid Specialists in the…

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It wasn’t just a job: It was personal!

Dear Friends, As many of you have already read, I have retired from Hearing Health & Technology Matters (HHTM) after four extremely rewarding years as a founding editor. But before leaving the scene, I have some parting words for our readers, whom I have been writing for and about for longer than I could ever have…

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hi HealthInnovations’ hearing test: Will it steer patients to or away from hearing professionals?

 By David H. Kirkwood MINNETONKA, MN—Hearing care providers have long believed that a recommendation from a primary-care physician (PCP) is one of the most compelling factors in motivating people to get help for their hearing loss. That’s why for years the Hearing Industries Association (HIA) marketed to GPs, family practitioners, and internal medicine physicians, urging…

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