gn resound artificial intelligence

GN Hearing Launches Artificial Intelligence Feature in Tandem with Apple’s Siri Assistant

BALLERUP, DENMARK — GN Hearing has announced the launch of its new artificial intelligence (AI) solution in tandem with Apple’s Siri virtual assistant. The announcement was made at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas, the world’s largest and most influential technology event.   According to the announcement, the new offering is…

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hearing news roundup

News Roundup for January 9: A Veritable Dog’s Breakfast of Stories from Around the Profession and the Industry.

New Study Examines Barriers to Hearing Care Services Among Medicare Population   In the January 2019 issue of Health Affairs, a peer-reviewed health policy journal, researchers at Johns Hopkins University’s Cochlear Center for Hearing Loss and Public Health shed light on the accessibility of hearing care services in the Medicare-eligible population. Using 2013 survey data…

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inner ear speech processing oticon

New Research Uncovers Function of Inner Ear Involved in Speech Processing

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY – Research recently published in Science Communications, by an international team of researchers from Oticon and Interacoustics, has revealed a previously undiscovered function in the inner ear that detects the acoustic details in speech before it is converted into information for the brain. The findings may help professionals learn more about individual hearing…

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HHTM Hearing News Round-up: Notable Stories This Week

Before you deep fry that turkey or candy those yams, take a few minutes to catch up on some noteworthy news items of professional interest.   New Study Suggests Sparse Real-World Differences Between Basic and Premium Technology   A new peer reviewed study, published-ahead-of-print at Ear and Hearing suggests older adults with mild-to-moderate hearing loss…

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hearing loss dementia social isolation

Longitudinal Study Shows Relationship Between Cognition, Untreated Hearing Loss and Social Isolation

Readers may recall a July 2017 Lancet study which estimated 35% of the risk factors associated with dementia was modifiable, and that the most prominent modifiable risk factor was hearing loss, which contributed 9% toward the acceleration or possible onset of dementia. A study, published in JAMA Otolaryngology last week, builds on this eye-opening data.…

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oticon lawsuit buyhear

Oticon Wins permanent Injunction Against Online Hearing Aid Retailer

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY — In an announcement to its customers yesterday, Oticon Inc. announced that it has won a lawsuit that the company had brought against the online hearing aid retailer According to the message obtained by Hearing News Watch, Hearsite (the owner and operator of BuyHear) has agreed to a Consent Judgement and…

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cbs otc hearing aid story

CBS Sunday Morning Turns Up the Volume on Hearing Aids

The evolving hearing aid industry was the subject of a nearly 10-minute in-depth feature on CBS Sunday Morning.  David Pogue, tech critic for Yahoo Finance, talked to several respected industry figures, including Starkey executives Bill Austin and Achin Bhowmik, about recent technological breakthroughs in hearing aids. A substantial portion of the television news magazine piece…

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audiologist hearing aid fitting study

Two New Studies Show the Value of Both Audiologist-driven and Patient-driven Fitting Approaches

Famed Nobel Laureate, physicist, Richard Feynman, once said, “The statements of science are not what is true or not true, but statements of what is known with different degrees of certainty.” Two recently published papers, each examining a different angle of the hearing aid fitting process, demonstrate how Feynman’s aphorism accurately describes some of the…

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medicare hearing aid audiology coverage

JAMA Article Lays Path for Medicare Reimbursement of Hearing-Related Services

With OTC hearing aid regulatory guidelines looming, a few experts are beginning to consider the additional hearing rehabilitative services needed by some to ensure they receive maximum benefit from their purchase. Further, given the older population most in need of hearing aids, Medicare reimbursement for these clinical services is a significant issue. The 2017 OTC…

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