hearing aid usage research

New Research Aims to Address Low Uptake of Hearing Aids Among Adults with Hearing Loss

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM — New research being led by the NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) and University of Manchester, aimed at increasing adult hearing aid use, “could make a dramatic change to people with hearing loss”. The study ‘Follow-up and structured monitoring for adults offered an NHS hearing aid for the first time (FAMOUS):…

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hearing aid adoption disparities

Hearing Aid Ownership Rates Reflect Disparities in American Healthcare

The United States is home to stark and persistent disparities in health coverage, chronic health conditions, mental health, and mortality. Many believe these disparities are the result of decades of systematic inequality in American economic, housing, and health care systems. During the 2020 pandemic, these gaps in health have become even more jarring. It is…

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hearing aids brainwaves eeg

Researchers Develop Technology Using Brainwaves to Determine Who You’re Listening to Within One Second

In a noisy room with many speakers, hearing aids can suppress background noise, but they have difficulties isolating one voice – that of the person you’re talking to at a party, for instance. KU Leuven researchers have now addressed that issue with a technique that uses brainwaves to determine within one second whom you’re listening…

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resound give sound campaign

ReSound Looking for Hearing Care Professionals to Help with $1 Million Hearing Aid Donation

BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA – ReSound, a global leader in hearing aid innovation, has announced the launch of the ReSound Gives Sound community campaign, a new nationwide effort to donate up to $1 million worth of ReSound ONE hearing aids to people living with hearing loss who have been negatively affected by the numerous challenges of 2020.…

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olive pro hearing aids

New Olive Pro Blurs Line Between Hearing Aids and Wireless Earbuds

CARSON CITY, NEVADA – Today, Olive Union is announcing its latest smart hearable – Olive Pro – to combat the social and economic barriers to hearing aid use. The “2-in-1 hearing aids and truly wireless HiFi earbuds” look like conventional Bluetooth earbuds, but according to the company, they come equipped with artificial intelligence to isolate…

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phonak lyric4 hearing aid

Phonak Announces New Lyric4 Extended-Wear, Invisible Hearing Aid

STAFA, SWITZERLAND – Phonak, a leading global provider of hearing solutions, today announces the fourth generation of Phonak Lyric, the “world’s only 100% invisible hearing aid that can be worn 24/7 for months at a time”. The new Lyric4 features components that have been further improved to help guard against ear wax and other debris,…

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Oticon Celebrates 25th Anniversary of DigiFocus, the First Fully Digital Hearing Aid

SOMERSET, NEW JERSEY — This month, Oticon celebrates the 25th anniversary of a hearing aid that “heralded a fundamental change in how hearing care professionals, consumers and the media perceived hearing aids”. The introduction of Oticon DigiFocus, the first ear-level fully digital hearing aid, transported hearing aid discussion out of the realm of “your grandfather’s…

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rexton hearing aids logo

Rexton Launches Motion Core Hearing Aid Platform; New Brand Identity

PLYMOUTH, MINNESOTA – With the mission to deliver proven hearing technology in the most reliable way, hearing aid manufacturer Rexton today announced the availability of its Motion Core hearing aid platform. This new platform offers hearing care professionals a unique selection of hearing aid models to fit a more diverse group of patients who can…

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hearing aids dementia prevention

Can Treating Hearing Loss Sooner Stave off or Slow Down Dementia? New Clinical Trial Aims to Find Out

Ear Science Institute Australia are leading a world-first, Western Australian study investigating whether treating hearing loss sooner can stave off or slow down dementia, loneliness, anxiety and depression. A 24-month randomized clinical trial will begin soon and will see a multi-disciplinary team of Western Australian researchers and healthcare workers joining forces to find out if…

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MDHearingAid Announces Partnership with Non-Profit, H.O.M.E.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — MDHearingAid, one of the largest direct-to-consumer hearing aid companies, has announced it is partnering with the non-profit Housing Opportunities & Maintenance for the Elderly (H.O.M.E.) to give away 250 free hearing aids to seniors with low incomes who have shown signs of hearing loss. According the the announcement, “the hearing aids are…

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