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Latest Hearing Loss Research Highlights Need for Earlier Intervention

By Brian Taylor, AuD, Editor-at-Large It is recognized that untreated hearing loss negatively affects quality of life, and is often linked to depression, social isolation and cognitive decline. More recently, it has emerged that the consequences of untreated hearing loss develop in individuals with normal audiograms.  Building on their previous work linking subclinical hearing loss…

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Hearing Aids Slow Down Cognitive Decline, Says New JAGS Study

The relationship between cognitive ability and hearing aid use in older adults has drawn considerable interest over the past several years for obvious reasons:  Many nations around the world are coping with a growing aging population, along with many of the consequences that accompany it. Hearing loss and cognitive decline being two of the common…

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sleeping and hearing loss

Study Shows Link between Hearing Loss and Longer Sleep Duration

A recent study suggests there may be a link between hearing loss and sleeping more than 8 hours per day. Using a questionnaire, researchers investigated the association between subclinical sensorineural hearing loss and self-reported restorative sleep. The study, published on March 27 in the open access BMC Journal, gathered data from 33,888 Japanese, aged 40–69…

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Cochlear Ltd Pledges $10 million to Johns Hopkins to Fund Hearing Loss and Public Health Research

CENTENNIAL, COLORADO — Cochlear Limited announced that it will be pledging a gift of $10 million to the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to establish the Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health. According to the announcement, the new Center will be led by Dr. Frank Lin and will be the first of…

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Meta-Analysis Indicates Hearing Loss is Modifiable Risk Factor for Cognitive Decline

Given the prevalence of hearing loss and cognitive decline in our aging population, establishing a link between these two conditions has been an area of staunch interest among researchers and clinicians for several years. In general, issues related to hearing loss has been garnering attention in the medical literate, as a December 2 editorial in…

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University of Maryland Receives $8 Million Federal Grant for Hearing Loss Research

COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND — Researchers at the University of Maryland, using an $8 million grant from The National Institute on Aging, are collaborating to investigate hearing loss and brain function. The five-year grant will fund three such projects at the university, which researchers hope to begin as soon as possible. It is estimated that there…

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Burdens of Hearing Loss and Dementia Expected to Put Pressure on Current System

If you’re a newly minted Doctor of Audiology, chances are good that by the end of your career you will see a near doubling of the number of people with hearing loss in the United States. Fueled mainly by a steady shift toward older adults, a recent report in JAMA-Otolaryngology, indicated that by 2060 more…

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hearing aid cuts canada ireland

Budget Cuts, Lack of Funding, Come at Expense of People with Hearing Loss

SASKATCHEWAN PROVINCE, CANADA — Patient wait times to see an audiologist are about to get even longer for residents in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.  Two audiologists, one in Saskatoon and another in Prince Albert, were among the 70 positions terminated by the Saskatoon Health Region last month in order to balance its budget.  The two audiologists…

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Hearing Loss, Dementia and “Out of Reach” Costs Are Topics at AAAS Meeting

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), one of the world’s most well respected scientific organizations, held their annual meeting in Washington, February 11-15, 2016. On Sunday, February 14, Dr. Frank Lin of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore participated in an AAAS symposium entitled, At a Loss for Words, or…

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hearing loss psychosis

Study Indicates Hearing Loss Associated with Increased Risk of Psychosis

UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS — A team of Dutch researchers from the Department of Psychiatry at the University Medical Center Utrecht and Brain Center Rudolf Magnus, recently published a meta-analysis that showed an association between hearing loss and psychosis. Their meta-analyses revealed an increased risk of hearing impairment on all psychosis outcomes, including hallucinations, delusions, psychotic symptoms and delirium.…

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