New Book: Eddie the Elephant’s Magical Ear

Eddie is an endearing and adventurous elephant whose day is turned upside down when he breaks and loses his ear and discovers he can no longer hear! With the help of an itsy-bitsy spider and a magical bright blue hearing aid, Eddie goes on an unexpected journey to get his ear (and hearing) back. Eddie…

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Machine Learning Improves Human Speech Recognition: Study

WASHINGTON, DC — Hearing loss is a rapidly growing area of scientific research as the number of baby boomers dealing with hearing loss continues to increase as they age. To understand how hearing loss impacts people, researchers study people’s ability to recognize speech. It is more difficult for people to recognize human speech if there…

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veterans hearing loss

Senator Introduces Veterans Hearing Benefits Act of 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On February 1st, U.S. Senator Tina Smith (D-Minn.) introduced legislation to reduce the red tape many veterans face when trying to get care for hearing loss as a result of their military service—something many veterans say is an enormous burden despite being the most common service-connected ailment. Sen. Smith heard about this…

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birdsong hearing test

Hearing Birdsong: Using Immersive Design to Raise Awareness of Hearing Loss

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM — Kennedy Woods, a London architecture studio announces Hearing Birdsong, an immersive audio-focused app supported by Design Age Institute, which takes a unique approach to encourage people to get their hearing tested. Over 12 million adults in the UK have hearing loss, and yet 9 million of these are untreated, living without…

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hearing loss depression research

UK Study: Hearing Loss May Cause Depression in Older People

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM — University of Manchester researchers have discovered that hearing loss may act as a cause of depression in older people. Those in the lowest wealth groups studied were found to have twice the risk of developing depression than those in the highest wealth groups.   Published in Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, the landmark…

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Researcher Receives $1.8M to Study Effect of Hormones on Hearing Loss

A University of Iowa biologist has received funding from the National Institutes of Health to further investigate how a hormone may prevent hearing loss in humans. Steven Green will continue his research into how responses to progesterone will lead to therapeutics for repairing damage to the inner ear caused by noise. Previous research has shown that…

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USH Society Commits $500,000 for New Usher Syndrome Research Grants

NEEDHAM, MASSACHUSSETTS — The Usher Syndrome Society (USH Society), a non-profit that uses art, educational events, and collaboration to raise awareness and funds for treatments and a cure for Usher syndrome, announces a request for applications for Usher syndrome research grants.  The “Usher Syndrome Society Translational Research Grants” are intended to support translational research on Usher syndrome in…

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CaptionCall Provides Key Tips for Summer Hearing Health

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — Permanent noise-induced hearing loss affects more than 29 percent of Americans between the ages of 6 and 69, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.   As summer approaches, CaptionCall, a leading provider of captioned telephone service, strongly encourages Americans to safeguard against excessive noise exposure to prevent hearing loss.  There are many sounds…

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