Regional Healthcare System Implements Effective Hearing Screening Program

by Brian Taylor, AuD, Editor-at-Large Although the esteemed US Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF), using a rigorous science-based criteria, recently concluded there was insufficient evidence to support physicians screen for hearing loss in all individuals aged 50 years and older, it has not stopped some healthcare systems from implementing effective adult hearing screening programs.  For…

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ehdi passes congress

Early Hearing Detection Bill Passes Congress, Awaits President’s Signature

WASHINGTON, DC — Following the lead of the US Senate, which passed the legislation on September 7th, the House passed the bipartisan Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Act on October 3rd. The legislation, sponsored by Reps. Brett Guthrie (R-KY) and Doris Matsui (D-CA), would reauthorize EHDI programs for the next five years. According to the American…

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Australian Researchers Develop New Brain Mapping Method to Assess Hearing Status in Infants

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — Researchers at the BABILab, part of the Bionics Institute in Melbourne, are mapping the brains of babies to determine whether or not hearing aids or cochlear implants are helping to develop language centers in the brain. Sensors placed in skullcaps worn by babies engaged in auditory and language tasks provide a unique…

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hearing aid cuts canada ireland

Budget Cuts, Lack of Funding, Come at Expense of People with Hearing Loss

SASKATCHEWAN PROVINCE, CANADA — Patient wait times to see an audiologist are about to get even longer for residents in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.  Two audiologists, one in Saskatoon and another in Prince Albert, were among the 70 positions terminated by the Saskatoon Health Region last month in order to balance its budget.  The two audiologists…

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pregnancy and hearing loss

Hearing Loss Linked to Premature and Low Birthweight Babies

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS — According to a new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, infants born to women with hearing loss were significantly more likely to be premature and have low birth weight. This was the key finding in what is thought to be a first examination of the pregnancy outcomes among women with…

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newborn hearing screening

Canadian Province Will Officially Expand Newborn Hearing Screenings in September

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA — Having come under fire in recent years over the country’s inconsistent newborn hearing screening program nationwide, Canada’s province of Manitoba has announced that it will officially expand its program to make screenings available in all regional health authorities, at 13 healthcare facilities, on September 1 of this year. This week’s announcement of…

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high school hearing aid

High School Student Creates $60 Self-Programming Hearing Aid, Inspired by Grandfather with Hearing Loss

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY — After a summer trip to India to visit his grandfather and assist him in obtaining hearing aids, Mukund Venkatakrishnan came away feeling very negatively about the entire experience. He then took it upon himself over the next two years to see if he could do something about it. After two years of…

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who childhood hearing loss

WHO Releases Report on Childhood Hearing Loss Prevention Ahead of World Hearing Day

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND — On Monday, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a new report, “Childhood hearing loss: act now, here’s how“.  The report coincides with the upcoming World Hearing Day on March 3, attempting to raise awareness that 32 million children worldwide live with disabling hearing loss and suggesting that 60% of that estimate (more than 19 million) could be…

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hearing screening smartphone

Wheels in Motion at IEEE for Creating Standards for Smartphone Hearing Pre-screeners 

In a story first reported by Dr. Abram Bailey at Hearing Tracker, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has “invited all interested parties to notify if they wish to actively participate in the development of IEEE P2650™ Standard For Enabling Mobile Device Platforms To Be Used As Pre-Screening Audiometric Systems.” The IEEE is a large,…

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newborn screening canada

Canadian Province to Expand Newborn Hearing Screenings for All

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA — the Canadian province of Manitoba has announced that it will expand newborn hearing screening to all babies born in the province. The announcement comes a year after a study indicated “serious shortcomings” in the country’s newborn hearing screening protocol, with only two locations in the entire province of Manitoba currently conducting the…

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