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Budget Cuts, Lack of Funding, Come at Expense of People with Hearing Loss

SASKATCHEWAN PROVINCE, CANADA — Patient wait times to see an audiologist are about to get even longer for residents in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.  Two audiologists, one in Saskatoon and another in Prince Albert, were among the 70 positions terminated by the Saskatoon Health Region last month in order to balance its budget.  The two audiologists…

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Canadian Tech Firm Wants to Disrupt the Hearing Test

OTTAWA, ONTARIO — Clearwater Clinical, a Canadian medical device company that recently developed an adapter (Clearscope) that connects an endoscope to a smartphone to allow physicians the ability record endoscopy procedures directly on their smartphones rather than having to rely on a traditional video tower, wants to develop a self-directed hearing test to help individuals currently underserved by…

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WHO Releases Report on Childhood Hearing Loss Prevention Ahead of World Hearing Day

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND — On Monday, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a new report, “Childhood hearing loss: act now, here’s how“.  The report coincides with the upcoming World Hearing Day on March 3, attempting to raise awareness that 32 million children worldwide live with disabling hearing loss and suggesting that 60% of that estimate (more than 19 million) could be…

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Wheels in Motion at IEEE for Creating Standards for Smartphone Hearing Pre-screeners 

In a story first reported by Dr. Abram Bailey at Hearing Tracker, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has “invited all interested parties to notify if they wish to actively participate in the development of IEEE P2650™ Standard For Enabling Mobile Device Platforms To Be Used As Pre-Screening Audiometric Systems.” The IEEE is a large,…

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Canadian Province to Expand Newborn Hearing Screenings for All

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA — the Canadian province of Manitoba has announced that it will expand newborn hearing screening to all babies born in the province. The announcement comes a year after a study indicated “serious shortcomings” in the country’s newborn hearing screening protocol, with only two locations in the entire province of Manitoba currently conducting the…

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hi HealthInnovations’ hearing test: Will it steer patients to or away from hearing professionals?

 By David H. Kirkwood MINNETONKA, MN—Hearing care providers have long believed that a recommendation from a primary-care physician (PCP) is one of the most compelling factors in motivating people to get help for their hearing loss. That’s why for years the Hearing Industries Association (HIA) marketed to GPs, family practitioners, and internal medicine physicians, urging…

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OSHA says, company exposed worker to 8 hours of noise as loud as a jackhammer

WESTON, OH—The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has charged that MCM Precision Castings, Inc., exposed an employee to noise levels averaging 97 dB, equivalent to the noise of a jackhammer, over his eight-hour shift. According to an OSHA news release issued on January 17, an inspection of the company’s foundry in Weston, OH,…

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A rising IntriCon will provide hearing aids to the UK’s National Health Service

By David H. Kirkwood ARDEN HILLS, MN—Hearing care providers are familiar with the world’s “Big Six” hearing aid manufacturers, or at least their flagship brands. That’s only natural, as together Sonova, William Demant, GN Store Nord, Siemens, Starkey, and Widex account for over 90% of the devices sold in the U.S. and Western Europe. However,…

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AARP launches a Hearing Resource Center

  WASHINGTON, DC—If more than 25 million of your members have a hearing loss, it really does makes sense to offer them information about the condition and how to address it. That’s just what AARP announced last week that it was doing with the launch of its Hearing Resource Center. The purpose of the online…

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Marion Downs, acclaimed as “mother of pediatric audiology,” dies at 100

By David H. Kirkwood Marion Downs, the beloved and revered audiologist who largely invented the field of pediatric audiology, died on November 13 in Dana Point, California, 10 months after her 100th birthday. Dr. Downs’s trailblazing work, begun in the early 1960s at the University of Colorado School of Medicine (UC School of Medicine), showed the…

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