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AuDStandard Announces Partnership With Hearing Tracker

PEARLAND, TEXAS — AuDStandard, The Unbundled Buying Group that provides exclusive pricing, practice growth solutions, detailed analytics and other services to hearing healthcare practitioners, has announced an exclusive partnership with Hearing Tracker, an online marketing platform that engages almost three million hearing aid consumers annually and generates hundreds of new patient leads each day. In…

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hearing tracker inner circle

Hearing Tracker Launches New Inner Circle Marketing Platform

Hearing Tracker announced today the official launch of its Inner Circle marketing platform. The new analytics-driven platform was built from the ground up to “drive fresh customer leads and hearing aid sales”. According to the company, the new Inner Circle program is said to consist of four core features, designed to help bring more leads…

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hearing tracker

Hearing Tracker Launches Local Online Service to Connect Consumers to Affordable Hearing Aids in their Area

  Hearing Tracker has announced the launch of the first “hyper-local online service to connect hearing aid shoppers with affordable local hearing aid fittings”. The service is now available throughout the United States. According to the company, the new service will allow audiologists and hearing aid dispensers to offer discounted hearing aid bundles directly to…

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hearing tracker selection tool

Hearing Tracker Unveils New Patient-Driven Hearing Aid Selection Tool

A growing number of persons are eschewing medical paternalism and opting to self-direct their own care. Today it is common for patients to self-monitor a wide range of bodily conditions including heart rate, EKG data and blood pressure using a smartphone-based app. Additionally, in what ordinarily required a face-to-face visit with a medical professional, patients…

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hearing tracker clear digital media

New Marketing Strategy Brings Web and TV Together

Clear Digital Media, a digital marketing company with offices in Texas and Illinois, announced on October 19, that it is combining forces with Hearing Tracker with a new marketing tool that brings patient review data to their Hearing News Network television screening across the US.   Hearing Tracker is an independent consumer review platform for…

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hearing aid price survey interview

HLAA Members Surveyed About Hearing Aid Prices: An Interview with Abram Bailey, AuD, Founder of Hearing Tracker

On June 20, Hearing Tracker published a thought-provoking survey. The focus of the survey was hearing aid prices. Abram Bailey, AuD, founder of Hearing Tracker and one of the creators of this survey, agreed to an interview with HHTM. Readers can view the survey here.    BT: Hello, Abram. Thanks for your time today. You…

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hearing tracker hearing aid forum

Hearing Tracker Acquires Hearing Aid Forums

During the last week of August, Hearing Tracker, a leading resource for consumer information about hearing technology and related services, announced the acquisition of Hearing Aid Forums.  With over 190,000 posts and 10,000 registered users, Hearing Aid Forums is one of the largest consumer-oriented websites in the world. The new forum with several new technical…

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