hearing screening kiosk

InnerScope Hearing Technologies Announces Plans To Launch Network of Hearing Screening Kiosks Nationwide

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA — InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. has announced its plans to launch a “network of interactive fully automated Point of Sale Hearing Screening Retail Kiosks and Untreated Hearing Loss Information Centers to be located inside large major hospitals, sporting venues, and other public locations, grocery stores, chain retailers, local retailers, pharmacy chains, grocery stores,…

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nexus hearing aids self fitting

InnerScope Hearing Technologies Launches Self-Fitting Hearing Aids, Direct to Consumers, with Walmart, Sears, and Kmart

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA — InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: INND) a manufacturer and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) distributor/retailer of FDA-Registered Hearing Aids, announces today it has begun the process to launch on Walmart.com, Sears.com, and Kmart.com, the NEXUS brand hearing products. The NEXUS hearing aids represent one of the first Self-Fitting RIC Premium Hearing Aid Devices with Remote…

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innerscope zounds hearing aids agreement

InnerScope Hearing Technologies Signs 10-Year Hearing Aid Manufacturing, Design and Joint Marketing Agreement with Zounds

ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA — InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. (OTCQB:INND) announced that it has signed a 10-Year Manufacturing, Design and Marketing Agreement with Zounds Hearing, Inc. Zounds is an FDA registered manufacturer of hearing aids, related components, and accessories. Under the Agreement, Zounds will be a subcontractor for InnerScope, providing all of InnerScope’s design, technology, manufacturing, and…

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