JAMA Study Examines Relationship Between Self-Reported Hearing and Audiogram Thresholds

By Brian Taylor, AuD, Editor-at-Large Clinicians know a substantial number of individuals presenting to the clinic for a routine hearing assessment have hearing loss on their audiogram but self-report good hearing. Just how sizeable is this group? That was a question addressed recently by researchers at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. A JAMA-Otolaryngology article,…

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doctor breakdown hearing loss study

JAMA Report Indicates Communication Breakdowns in the Clinic are Cause for Concern

For individuals aged 60 and older, spending time at the doctor’s office is a common occurrence. And, considering the prevalence of hearing loss in older people, it’s not too surprising hearing loss gets in the way of effective communication between the older individual and their healthcare provider during these routine encounters. A recent study, published…

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Older Americans with hearing loss have higher incidence of health problems

People age 70 or over with hearing loss are substantially more likely to have been hospitalized in the past year and to have had more days of self-reported poor health than their contemporaries with normal hearing. So report Dane J. Genther, MD, and colleagues in a Research Letter to appear in this week’s issue of…

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